KSO President Zeytinoğlu: We Want a Railway to Kocaeli

Virtue Basci
Virtue Basci

Participating in the Monetary Policy conference organized by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO), Central Bank Governor Erdem Başçı gave a clear answer to the criticisms regarding the policy rate from our city. Başçı said, “Policy interest is an arsenal, we cannot use it without a major crisis. Turkey's brake and accelerator pedal are both solid," he said. Many curious questions were answered, and the host of the meeting, CSO Chairman Ayhan Zeytinoğlu, also had a request from Başçı. Zeytinoğlu wanted a railway investment in our province, which pays high taxes.

Expressing that they expect some of these taxes given to the state to be returned as an infrastructure investment, Zeytinoğlu said, “We think that we will be able to make a railway connection to 34 of our ports, and to complete the railway connection of 16 OIZs. Yesterday, our economy minister declared that we will spend 10 billion on railways in 47 years. I believe that this decision is very correct for us to reach our target of 500 billion exports," he said.

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