The church that divides Christianity in Haydarpaşa is coming to light!

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The ruins of the summer palace of the Byzantine emperors are located right behind the Haydarpaşa Railway Station, possibly under the rails'.
The church that divides Christianity comes to light
The final arrangement decision for the Haydarpasa Train Station and Port Transformation Project was approved in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. Thus, there was no obstacle for the realization of the project. Following the tender to be made for the project that is awaiting approval at the Board of Monuments, Haydarpaşa will be the first digging.
The reason for the revision of the plan, which was accepted by the AK Party members in the Municipal Assembly and sought by the CHP, was the mismatch between the administrative border and the SIT border in the first plan. With the approved plan, skyscrapers will be erected in Haydarpaşa and the rumors of the hotel will be done. However, when Haydarpaşa Port Project came to the Municipal Council last year, the question of what would be the situation of the archaeological remains in the region was not answered.
I got this answer from Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara. Black; Christian history researches, the Turkish tourism and archeology in terms of the world made the gospel explanations.
Behind the Haydarpaşa Train Station is the ruins of the summer palace of the Byzantine emperors, probably under the rails. 17 395 408 XNUMX XNUMX years between the years of the reign of Arcadius, which was estimated to have been built in the palace, ceremony and was used to meet the army returning from the expedition.
With this palace, the most important archaeological remains in the Haydarpaşa Port area are famous. Kadıköy It belongs to the Church of Sainte Euphemie and the Saint Christophe Church, where the Council gathered. Especially Kadıköy The Church of Sainte Euphemie, where the Council is gathered, is of great importance for the Christian world. In this church, starting from 451 October of 8 and continuing until 1 November, the Council made a great division in the Christian world in line with these decisions. Those who believed that Jesus was of both god and human nature, and those who believed that Jesus had a single nature, separated as monophysites and established their own churches.
When the area begins for Haydarpaşa Port, very important remains of the ancient period of Istanbul will be unearthed, just like Yenikapı tube passage excavations. The Municipal Council reconsidering the plan to eliminate the mismatch between the administrative boundary and the SIT area boundary. Kadıköy The station building in the section also clarified the condition of the silos and archaeological remains in the port.
The Project will be transferred to the Privatization Administration of Railways at the Board of Monuments. Then a tender will be held. Starting from Harem Bus Terminal in Üsküdar KadıköyIn the Haydarpaşa Port Project, which covers the area up to the Ayrılık Çeşmesi in Turkey, archaeological ruins are located in a five percent of the region. Excavations in this section will be done by the General Directorate of Museums. Once the ruins are uncovered, it will be decided how to display them. Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara thinks that the ruins can be exhibited by covering with glass.
The Bosphorus tube passageway offers unique opportunities to overcome the challenges of archaeological excavation in Istanbul. Without such a big project, it was impossible to excavate the 1700 annual Thedosius Harbor in the middle of Aksaray. A big project such as Haydarpaşa Port was needed to bring out the Arcadius Palace with the churches of Sainte Euphemie and Saint Christophe known as Haydarpaşa Train Station.

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