The Bad Fate of Haydarpasa Station

date today 28 kasim 2010 haydarpasa station
date today 28 kasim 2010 haydarpasa station

Haydarpaşa Station is being transferred to the Privatization Administration (ÖİB). In accordance with the decision taken by the TCDD Board of Directors on September 12, the 1.000.000 square meter area was transferred to the PA.
The project to destroy Haydarpaşa Train Station is gaining momentum. TCDD Board of Directors reported the 1.000.000 square meter area, which is registered as a protected area, to the PA for the purpose of "making an income generating project". Considering that the Haydarpaşa Port project was approved one day later, it was revealed that TCDD had made such a decision by knowing the decision the day before.

The letter sent from TCDD to ÖİB included the following statements:

X In the Haydarpaşa Gar, Liman and Geri Sahası, the property of 1.000.000, which is the property of our organization, is integrated with the historical, cultural and social structure of Istanbul and the income of the country and our organization is evaluated. Board of Directors' decision dated 4046 date and 5793 / 43 has been taken to inform the Privatization Administration in order to be evaluated within the scope of article.

The Board of Directors' decision, plans and documents are presented in the appendix of the article and we would like to make sure that in the Haydarpaşa Gar, Liman and Geri Sahası, the necessary appraisal of the approximate 1.000.000 square meters in the ownership of our establishment is required. Ya

Approval was given to “Haydarpaşa Port”

The final arrangement decision for Haydarpaşa Train Station and Port Transformation Project was passed after the vote on September 13 from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council.

In the Assembly, with 1/5000 scale Haydarpaşa Station Kadıköy While the proposal of the Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Surroundings was submitted for voting, the proposal was accepted by the votes of the AKP councilors despite the CHP's rejection vote.
With the decision taken, the necessary approval was given for the arrangements related to the planning activities of the "Haydarpaşa Port" project, which was taken in 2007 with the protocol made in 2009. Thus, the tender and implementation works of the project whose plan arrangement has been completed will be started. There was no obstacle for the project to be implemented.

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