Haydarpasa Train Station

Ankara is going to take the announcement arp olan coming from Haydarpaşa direction,! 13: 00-14: 00: XNUMX every Sunday at Haydarpasa Train Station
"Haydarpaşa Gar'dır Gar Kalacak!" Said the Ankara residents 23 September Sunday, the first time met at the Ankara Station.
Haydarpasa Train Station has a lot of labor in Ankara, we do not know what we can not pay, even though we know we heard the sound we wanted to know Haydarpasa da Istanbul Ankara, Haydarpaşa'dan call because. For the people of Ankara, Istanbul, Ankara Station "Haydarpaşa direction" is to listen to the announcement because a little ...
The direction of the trains of Anatolia, the name of Istanbul, not the name of the world's most beautiful railway station, if it was determined by the name of Haydarpasa, for many years, we think it is not a limit to anyone trying to make a hotel on the last Sunday we gathered at Ankara Station.
We were not crowded, maybe in our first act, but determined and determined. We were determined to find Ankara Railway Station in the face of every attempt to refute, corrupt, despise and destroy our common memory.
I have the currency prepared in a stationary by computer. Workers who helped me in the stationery, Ankara station, Hayd Haydarpaşa direction coming…, tabii will get the announcement of the output of the currency,… said s I was beautiful ”un he said, un I'm sure I've been going to Istanbul by train, Haydarpasa never mind, did not leave Since that day, what was nice. Now I've seen look Haydarpaşa'yı hotel, what will be the work? “He said, then added, iş If today's duty at work, I would come with you! Im. It wasn't just for you to be frank Laf
One of the pillars at the entrance of Ankara Railway Station, Ankara railway station, "Haydarpaşa direction coming from" will get the announcement! And Haydarpaşa Gar'dir, Gar Kalacak "we have glued our currency. The names of the trains tried to be erased from our common memory: Ankara Express, Anadolu Express, we have watched in our hands in Ankara for Haydarpaşa Train Station. One of the employees of Ankara Railway Station came to us while we were on call; he took a picture of us, supported us by chatting. Gar security guards, the columns hanged on the columns, although we were told a little about, our action resulted. From now on, we will continue at the Ankara Station every Sunday, saying goodbye to Haydarpaşa.
When he heard the call for action, it was surprising that we were worried about Haydarpaşa in this dense, fuzzy country agenda. People who say that the right of the transportation of the population, the center of this rivalry of the laborer Haydarpaşa Port is the heart, Haydarpasa Port'a to prevent the obstacles of these tufeylilerini cut, but we said, "Haydarpasa Train Station, think about the hometown!" In response to the call.
It is as if Haydarpasa Train Station is not included in the country.
Regardless of the small number of our count, without being tearful, Ankara Station, every Sunday, every Sunday, the 13: 00-14: 00 Haydarpasa Train Station is on watch for now ız
Haydarpaşa direction means Ankara Station because istik
Haydarpasa Train Station is home to G
Meeting Place: Ankara Railway Station, Date: 30 September Sunday Time 13: 00-14: 00

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