Gaziantep 3. stage tram route information meeting

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asim Guzelbey, 3 in the city. made a press conference about the way to the stage tram.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Hall Hall, scheduled to be held in the meeting on the Ibrahim Tram line was evaluated. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey said, et As of this week, the second leg of the tram started to carry passengers. After that, we'il hook it up to the third stage. Then four, fifth stages. When we started the first and second stage of the tram, we informed our chamber presidents and council members. Now, in this framework, we decided that we need to deal with your information at a time when the route of the İbrahimli stage was determined by us. We can make the changes we want because we have not made a tender yet. In addition, the university bridge interchange was put into service. Especially in the city due to a very intensive winter conditions, asphalt degradation in a great speed Metropolitan, Sahinbey, Şehitkamil municipalities are doing, Ş he said.
Chairman Güzelbey, continued as follows:
Ir Within this framework, there is a great coordination between the three municipalities. There is a period like 2 months ahead of us and we will solve the city's asphalt problem within this period. If you remember Gaziantep was a poor place, the place where they said the castle was extremely unqualified was an extremely unimaginable point. 10 thousand square meters with the work we have done there. A very serious square has been formed under the castle. Kale
President Güzelbey stated that they are trying to please the citizen in the tram works., We were always saying this when the first step of the tram; we are making the body at first. One branch is Karataş and the other is Abraham. Its foot is GATEM, KUSGEB and Gazikent. Now, the line we're doing is counting Abraham and 27. We are now constructing an 55 tram line. If you compare it with other cities Adana is currently 17 kilometers, Istanbul is now a very good figure for Gaziantep if you think this is the 125 mileage. Together with İbrahimli, we will try to finish this work until next year. We want Gaziantep to be the cheapest place in transportation. Because we want this place to be the center of attraction. Because the students, students come here, and we want to complain about the narrow income here, "he said.

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