Fully automatic driverless (Tos) systems and advantages

📩 25/11/2018 13:55

Driveless or fully automatic in rail public transport
systems are becoming widespread. Both moving blocks
fully automated computer systems
controlled train travel is possible. Made for many years
tests and applications have resulted in success.
The advantages of the TOS system are as follows:
Security and Emre
1. TOS Systems prevent human error.
Most of the accidents in existing systems are human
2. Reserved road use with pedestrian and vehicle
prevents collisions.
3. In case of using platform doors,
The human is caused by the fall and passengers
prevents delays.
High Quality Service
1. Headway between trains with TOS Systems
the waiting time of the passengers
times are shortened.
2. Dwell time at transfer points
It can be reduced.
3. High commercial speed, short travel times and
It increases.
High Business Flexibility
1. Reasonable travel demands
2. No Drivers / Personnel in the Vehicle
increases the productivity of the staff. Of course
depends on the choice of the firm.
service staff
improving the quality, for example, to passengers
can be operated to help.
Low Maintenance Cost
1. In TOS systems, if moving block is used
(especially in CBTC)
used field
maintenance due to low equipment
the need is small and the cost is low.
2. Failure to intervene due to low field equipment
Easier and more troubleshooting time
It is low.
Minimum Environmental Impact
1. Headway to be used for specific journey request
sets. This infrastructure
size and cost.
2. Steep gradients in tire wheeled versions
easy climbing and less noise
speak create feature create feature.
In this paper, signaling used in rail systems
systems are briefly introduced and
great progress in communication
Today's technology of automatic train operation
advantages are given.
Capacity building in new rail systems
Advantages of installing TOS systems
It is given. Most of the time to increase capacity
construction or other costs signaling
next to the cost of
The comparison is large. technology
With manual development with automatic driving
the difference between driving signaling systems
Reduced to% 10-15. If the rail to be installed
if the system needs to be high
block instead of moving block signaling systems
should be preferred. Eurobalise, GSM-R, CBTC
open-coded systems according to international standards
ease of use in future extensions,
driving different trains on the same line etc.
It is important in terms of advantages.

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