Esenboğa Airport Rail System Connection Project Financial envelopes of tender tender for survey and engineering services

The financial envelopes of the N Esenboğa Airport Rail System Connection Study and Engineering Services Consultancy Service lı tender will be held by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; the technical points and financial proposals (¨) of the firms that opened the financial envelopes were determined as follows:
1. SWS Engineering
Technical Score: 92,28 Financial Offer: 3.188.315
2. Italferr Gruppo
Technical Score: 95,80 Financial Offer: 3.380.000
3. Obermeyer Planen - Beraten - Optim Obermeyer
Technical Score: 93,64 Financial Offer: 4.498.513
4. Yüksel Project
Technical Score: 100 Financial Offer: 5.694.231
5. Contact Yüksel directly
Technical Score: 96,36 Financial Offer: 5.883.947
6. Su-Yapı Engineering - KMG Project
Technical Score: 97,50 Financial Offer: 5.899.755
7. Ove Arup & Partners Int. - Tekfen Engineering
Technical Score: 90,46 Financial Offer: 6.972.835

Source : Investments

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