Light Rail System to Erzurum

tramway work started officially
tramway work started officially

Light Rail System to Erzurum: The light rail system project prepared by an American company was presented to Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Küçükler yesterday. Küçükler, who liked the project, started searching for resources.

In addition to the twin towers project, new terminal building and urban transformation projects to be carried out by MNG Holding, I will definitely implement the light rail system project that will crown our works. We are working to make Erzurum a center of attraction. No matter what the source for the light rail system, I will provide için.

The details of the project that the minors secretly keep are as follows: According to this, the light rail system will go from Tabriz to Yenişehir, Yıldızkent Atatürk University and Dadaşkent. It was learned that the President wanted to have light rail system at every point of the city and prepared the project accordingly.

Source: Newspaper



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