Drowning in the creek

To the attention of Mr. Kadir Topbaş;
The efforts of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to make our Istanbul one of the modern cities of Europe are appreciated. I am a businessman traveling on Beylikdüzü-Sefaköy route. I would like to congratulate our Mayor Kadir Topbaş and his team first of all because of the happy ending of 1 year-long metrobus road construction and the start of metrobus flights. You offered us the reward of a one-year road sufferer as a metrobus line.
However, some of the citizens traveling by public transport use metrobus and some of them travel by bus. E-5 Highway, which is used by public transportation vehicles and special vehicles, is blocked again between Küçükçekmece-Avcılar Metrobüs Station. After the Metrobus Station, E-40 is bombo. When we investigate the cause of congestion, it is this:
1- The main road and side road meet at the Metrobus Station level and the vehicles are interconnected.
2 - Side road, Gümüşpala street vehicle entry, the road exceeds the carrying capacity.
3- In the main road where the side road meets, minibuses and taxis stop in an arbitrary way.
Combined with these three reasons, the road traffic complexity in Avcilar continues to be the same as before, seems unresolved, and it is understood that the opening of the Metrobus line did not cure this wound.
Traffic flowing from Beylikdüzü to Istanbul is normal, but at the end of Denizköşkler, there is a congestion in the working hours with the merging of the coastal road.
Our curiosity is: Why isn't a suitable place allocated to minibuses, and traffic is condemned to their pleasure? Why does the citizen see what he sees, the authorized people and the engineers? If they do, why don't they produce solutions?
Due to traffic congestion, wasted time, citizens' energy and productivity loss, the stress they experience, family time, late to work can be compensated for how to be compensated; how can it be given in the world and in the Hereafter?
Why does the Metropolitan Municipality fail to solve the simple problems that the ordinary citizen can see and solve the problems while the large scale works? No liability? Uncontrolled?
The one that upset me most; this is the shadowing of these great services, due to the mistakes committed, and the inadequacy of the citizen.
I mean, it must be drowning in the creek as it passes through the river nehir

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