Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD met for high speed train - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD met for high speed train - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz
The metropolitan and TCDD technical units met in Ankara for the high-speed train and discussed the route and station locations according to the plan of 1 / 100. In the meeting where the plan views of TCDD were taken against the suggestions of the Metropolitan, it was revealed that the planned Bursa Station in Balat was taken to the gate.
Actually. This is not the first date. Because before both short name DLH of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction General Directorate's technical team, as well as TCDD short known as the Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate teams Municipality techniques when they came to Bursa to conduct a study on high-speed train güzergâhıyl They sat at the table.
The highest and most comprehensive interview to date was held in Ankara the previous day.
For the meeting Toplantı
Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Bayram Vardar and Head of Development and Urbanization Murat Uşun with a technical team went to Ankara. From the TCDD wing, high-speed train construction and project-related units were attended by heads of departments.
During the meeting ...
The metropolitan team gave information about the 1 / 100 bin scale plan, which was already in operation, as in the meetings with various public institutions and non-governmental organizations in Bursa. They put forward the priorities and objectives of the plan in full detail.
At this point…
They emphasized the transportation and especially the position of the high-speed train route in the plan targets. They listed the Metropolitan's view and suggestions on this issue.
In return, Bun
They learned about the TCDD technical units' work on the high-speed train route and station locations, as well as TCDD's recommendations.
There were some differences at the Ankara Summit of the Metropolitan and TCDD technical units.
For example…
TCDD technical units, which provide information about the project and route work up to date, said that Kazıklı Station was removed from the project.
This issue was already mentioned by the Metropolitan since it was supposed to be.
It was seen that the Kazıkif Station, which was said to have been canceled today because it was marked during the previous technical studies, took place in the 100 plan of the station.
Same way…
The project agreement has been provided for the processing of the route drawn to the edge of the Ring Road.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz


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