Metrobuses put into service in the capital

The first party of 250 BRTs, which was bought by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, was put into service with a ceremony.
At the ceremony held in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the introduction of “natural gas, low floor, air conditioned, disabled platform” metrobus.
Beginning his speech at the ceremony by saying “Welcome to the biggest green city fleet and natural gas fleet in the world”, Metropolitan Mayor Gökçek said that they did not have such a large natural gas fleet in the world and that they added 1090 metrobus on 250 single bus fame.
Gokcek, who stated that they have started to receive the metrobus since this month, said that the next year May 250 units will be completed.
Saying that the total of 250 metrobus mentioned cost 165 million pounds, Gokcek said that one of them corresponded to 660 thousand pounds, which is the cheapest bus ever received among its peers.
In addition to the BRT in question, they will add a BRT model 250 diesel Mercedes vehicle, indicating that they will take a lot of 530 thousand pounds and 132 million pounds in total said they would pay money.
Gökçek said, “The total meaning of this will be 500 million 297 thousand Turkish lira from the Ankara Municipality budget. bus where ever received municipal bus in Turkey was the cheapest among them, "he said.
Emphasizing that they will contribute to air pollution in Ankara thanks to the green fleet, Gökçek noted that they have started a number of new applications, and that they will start new express services and the application will start from Gölbaşı. Gökçek continued as follows:
“Our old solo buses in Gölbaşı will travel like a service car in all the neighborhoods, gather citizens and bring them to the main stop where the metro buses depart, and they will be able to easily go by express from that main stop to another main stop. Our intention is to convey our citizens to the first stop of Ankara by metrobus. There will be no charges for transfers until you go to Kızılay on the same line, our goal is to make our citizens travel more comfortably, faster and to come to different districts more frequently. ”
- Disabled citizens were also considered in the robots -
Stating that the metrobuses purchased will provide very comfortable services to disabled citizens, Gökçek said, “There are low-based and technically different kinds of devices inside, there are cameras inside, there is the possibility to follow everything, and the air conditioners are extremely excellent. It will be possible to see all the blessings of technology in these buses. ”
Gokcek, 6 month until the intentions of smart bus stops, said, so that the citizens of the bus from where they can move from their own phone, which will be able to follow the hours recorded.
--The lines of the robots will be determined by yellow stripes.
Answering the questions of journalists after his speech, G ökçek asked whether or not to design a special road for these buses.
“We will try special road works. Unlike our Istanbul, it is not possible to separate the metrobus line as on the wide E-5 highway, such as Istanbul, we will reserve a lane road especially for the metrobus from the right of the road. However, you can not give the right corridor because there are right turns whether you want or not, in any case where the Konya road coincides with Eskişehir. Our friends who will do a special work there. We will share the result of that work with you. So we will reserve a road for the metrobus, you will see that those roads will be separated by yellow stripes. But since we can not prevent the right turns in certain places, we will cross them with dashed lines, unfortunately there will be some problems with the metrobus. ”
Pointing out that there are problems in traffic due to the number of lanes around Ankara's Police Palace, Gökçek stated that they will divide this area into 4 lanes and divide the fourth lane into metrobus and work will be done on this issue.
Explaining that they will conduct a pilot application on these and will spread to other regions according to the satisfaction of the public, Gökçek stated that they will start the first express bus applications from Sincan so that the citizens can go to Kızılay and Ulus without stopping and without wasting time.
- Other speakers-
AK Party Ankara Provincial President Murat Alparslan also stated that Ankara is a brand in terms of services as well as being an administrative and political capital, and that the metrobus service to Ankara is a very nice service that will increase the quality of life of the people. "I wish this service will be beneficial for our Ankara, our capital city, a brand city," said Alparslan.
Tuncay Bekiroğlu, CEO of MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc., said that the metrobuses made by Ankara workers in MAN's Ankara factory are a source of pride for them.
EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu stated that their vision and greatest desires are to encourage citizens to move publicly by offering peaceful, quality and comfortable transportation services in Ankara, which is growing and developing.
In this context, the bus fleet constantly renewing the average age of the Tahiroğlu explaining, in doing so polluting the environment, disabled citizens can use more comfortable buses to the fleet, said they endeavor.
Stating that the number of natural gas buses, which are currently 90 thousand, will increase to 250 thousand with 340 bellows buses, Tahiroğlu said, “We are one of the only establishments that have this number of natural gas buses in Europe in their fleet.”
Noting that they are implementing new projects to make public transportation attractive in Ankara, Tahiroğlu said, “In this context, citizens who will use public transportation vehicles can identify the nearest stop both in mobile and web environments with their android and iphone special applications, will be able to learn the times of buses coming to the station online. In this way, our citizens will be able to go anywhere by using public transportation service without wasting time and waiting unnecessarily at the stop. ”
After the speeches, Mayor Melih Gökçek and his entourage examined the new metrobuses.
People with disabilities on the BRT, expressed their satisfaction with the new application.

Source: Newspaper Turkey



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