Public transport workers strike in Athens

Public transport workers protesting the latest austerity measures in Greece are on strike in the capital city of Athens today.
Due to the increase in salary and ticket prices, public transport such as metro, bus, tram and trolley will not serve for 24 hours.
Therefore, the capital city is experiencing great difficulties in transportation. Many people had to go to workplaces for miles.
Meanwhile, the public transport workers union organized a demonstration in Sintagma Square. The protesters, protesting the government's economic policy, hung a gallop on the gallows, making a puppet. Metro workers stated that the strike was only a warning and stated that if there is no change in government policies, they will participate in the general strike next week.
Andonis Stamatopulos, the head of the union of union workers, said: “We do not only criticize today's policies. Our protest is against the economic policy implemented in the last 2.5 years. Now we say enough. We want the ticket prices to be lowered and the employees to be breathed. Because the policy implemented is wrong and hurts people. I would like to add together, with the people of Turkey can make you out of the IMF, "he said.
Judges and doctors started a 2-week strike earlier in the week after cuts in salaries in Greece. Tax officers will strike Friday.
Meanwhile, the leaders of the coalition member parties will meet at the Prime Ministry and discuss the last economic package of 11,5 billion euros.
Left parties, Pasok and Democratic Left oppose layoffs in the public sector. The latest measure package includes a 9 billion euro pension, social security benefits and cuts in salaries.
The opposition argues that the cuts will further deepen the recession in the country, making it harder for Greece to pay its debts.

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