Apple sits at agreement desk with Swiss Federal Rail Service

Apple's watch application offered to iPad users with iOS6 caused the company to come across with the Swiss Federal Railway Service. The Swiss Federal Railroad Service accused Apple of copying its distinctive watch design.
After these developments, the parties announced a joint statement to solve the problem and announced that they would sit at the settlement table. In the statement made, it was stated that the problem in question will not be taken to court. In addition, the Swiss Federal Railway Service announced that they are very proud to have a design of their own in iOS6.
The watch design, which is said to be copied, was designed by Hans Hilfker, one of the employees of the Swiss Railway Service, in 1944 and integrated with the service. The patent of the design belongs to the Swiss watch company Mondaine. Looking at the clock design that Apple has included on the iPad, it is clearly seen that the design used is almost the same as Hiflker.

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