We want to produce high-speed trains in Ankara

We want to produce high-speed trains in Ankara
Ankara Metro to the tender of the 51 "domestic contribution" item is expressed that the President of the ASO Özdebir, "the railroad will be the capital of Ankara, according to the factories not only metro and tram, but also want to produce high-speed trains," he said.
Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) will carry out the i Ankara Industry Fair) (ANSAF) in order to increase the development, promotion and industrial potential of the Capital. Atatürk Cultural Center in 20-24 ASO President in statements before the fair, which will be held between November Nurettin Özdebir target not only to make a local fair, said Turkey's capital, which they want to perform an international exhibition worthy of Ankara.
Ankara residents
”Ankara is a city that is constantly losing its attention against Istanbul that draws attention Özdebir, ANSAF'ın 2010 year was started to be repeated every two years, recalling that," Ankara, we want this fair to be claimed, "he said. Di With the high-speed train works, Ankara was announced as the knot point of the train lines. These works will develop further next year, extending to China. This will increase the accessibility and economic value of the capital, arttır said Özdebir, President of ASO.
Capital of the railway
X The tender for Ankara Metro was made and the requirement of the domestic contribution of 51 for the first time was introduced. Most likely production will take place in Ankara. Since Ankara will be the capital of the railway, we want to produce not only subway and tram but also high speed trains. Ankara, which is the center of railway transportation, should be the center of railway industry with Eskişehir and not to be a railway fair in this area. A very serious sector. these vehicles produced in Turkey are marketable to other countries. "
Aerospace OSB
Öz With the organized industrial zone, the center of the aerospace industry will also be Ankara, de said Özdebir, who gave information that the establishment of the Aerospace Organized Industrial Zone is continuing rapidly.
ANGİAD 25 will participate with the company
Abdullah Young Businessmen Association (ANGİAD) President Abdullah Değer, who sponsored the ANSAF, stated that they are doing their best to develop Ankara in line with the establishment purpose and mission of ANGİAD. ANGİAD'dan 25 company will participate in this fair voicing the value, the fair is of great importance for the promotion of the capital said.

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