Metrobuses received by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will be in service tomorrow

The first party of metrobuses taken by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will be put into service with a ceremony to be held tomorrow.
EGO General Directorate, which is affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality, is expanding its environmentally friendly bus fleet in order to enable the capitalists to receive faster and more comfortable service. EGO, which has a fleet of 90 thousand natural gas and 786 vehicles in its structure, will receive the first batch of metro buses, the tender of which has been completed. The first 250 of the 50 metrobuses bought by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will start to serve with a ceremony attended by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek.
The 8-meter long and 4-door metrobus will serve with a total capacity of 36 passengers, 116 sitting, 1 standing and 153 handicapped place. Metrobus, which draws attention with its natural gas consumption, being both environmentally friendly and economical, is designed with a high level of passenger comfort and safety, while air conditioning equipment is also available. A triple camera system capable of recording 1 terabyte on the metrobus, yellow safety strip with sensor that prevents the doors from closing as long as the passenger steps on, automatic fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment; security measures attract attention. Metrobus, which has a GPS tracking system, automatic transmission, and which is described as 'state of the art', also has disability features. A special section with a seat belt for the disabled who use wheelchairs, the metrobus, which has a platform in the middle door, can lie 3 centimeters to the lower floor and, if necessary, to get closer to the curb.

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