Metrobuses Ordered by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Hit the Road Tomorrow

The first 250 of the 50 Metrobuses, which will further strengthen the mass transportation fleet within the Metropolitan Municipality, will start to serve on the capital roads with a ceremony that will also be attended by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek tomorrow.
Having the most environmentally friendly transport fleet in Europe, the Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate renews and develops its tools in order to enable the capitalists to receive faster and more comfortable services. Metropolitan Municipality's "intellectual father" and that as a bellows firsts in Turkey Metrobus of natural gas, the transportation in the capital city will enjoy traveling in the capital city of Ankara on the road.
The first 250 of the state-of-the-art 50 Metrobus with bellows, natural gas, handicapped elevators, air-conditioners and cameras started to be built by the contractor immediately after the tender was completed. aimed to travel more comfortable in the city of Ankara and high demands, according to the bus fleet of renewing General Directorate of EGO, adding more of one of the many innovations carried out in Ankara, Turkey's first bellows natural gas Metrobus are offering the service of Başkentliler passengers. In Ankara, where the number of natural gas buses reached 2007 with 2010, which is one of the largest airplanes in 600-90. 50 140 will be delivered with the 25 bellows Metrobus in April 25 in April, the capital of the modern, modern, state-of-the-art Metrobus number of thousands of BRT will be 200.
Great importance was given to passenger comfort and safety in the new generation, bellows and natural gas Metrobuses, which attracted attention with their natural gas fuel consumption, both environmentally and economically. The 18 meter-long type buses prepared in line with the latest developments in technology for the capitalists, have 36 passenger, 116 standing, 1 disabled and 153 passengers. Camera system in the Metrobuses, which allows passengers to travel more comfortably in summer with air conditioning equipment, yellow striped safety strip with sensor, automatic fire extinguishing system in engine section; security measures. For people with wheelchairs with disabilities, a special section with safety belts, buses with platform at the central door, and a low base, can be tilted to 7 centimeters to get closer to the curb if needed. External design of the bibliophile bus, determined by the survey of the capital, blue-leaf pattern visually reveals the difference.

Source: StarGündem

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