Alanya Cable Car Project A Very Old Issue

Alanya cable car project is a very old issue
Alanya cable car project is a very old issue

VARAN ONE: Mayor of Alanya, Hasan Sipahioğlu, who is also the President of ALTAB, opened a 49 million TL Solid Waste Disposal Facility tender for Turkler Municipality, has been postponed twice, now the outcome of this tender is unknown.

VARAN TWO: The Board of Trustees, including its own, sold the plantations in Toslak and Elikesik Village of the Foundation in order to cover the expenses of Alanya Hamdullah Emin Paşa (AHEP) University. .

VARAN THREE: “Sipahioğlu'nun shown as the biggest project of the project of the giant ropeway project coming to the tender,” he received the message of the heart, but only one Italian company participated in the tender, and that: This figure exceeds us. If you come to work for half of the fit, the tender was postponed.

The name of the first caller after yesterday's spelling was Mehmet Tüzün, who was a member of the True Path Party (DYP) of Alanya City Council between 2004-2009.

Sharing interesting information on the phone, Tüzün said, en The Ropeway Project is not new, it is at least eight-ten years. Üz
Salt, sohbet He gave deeper information as he continued.

According to Tüzün's claim, Sipahioğlu was the head of a municipality, and a company from Belgium, a world-renowned Belgian firm, sent a team to Alanya.

The company, which was located directly next to Sipahioğlu which did not pass even the inclined train, had offered an offer that they could not refuse to Alanya Municipality.

Sipahioğlu said, “Come, let's wash Alanya Town Hall. Let's do a giant ropeway that starts here and ends at the Inner Castle. 25 years of operation and then hand over to you, we give you a satisfactory number every year. X
Mehmet Tüzün expresses that he heard one of his close colleagues, who were next to Sipahioğlu.

Sipahioğlu said, Alanya Alanya does not have such a need at the moment. Moreover, we will not get permission to drive a single nail from the Board of Monuments to Alanya Castle. Arac .

As one of the oldest tourism companies in Alanya, Tüzün stated that a ropeway facility between Damlataş and Ehmedek in İç Kale would not be rentable. Those who said 'No' to the Belgian company eight or ten years ago, now the smaller of the same facility, wants to do to the region. Today, it is a problem to turn someone who does not understand tourism at all, he says that this facility should be done between Damlataş and Alanya Municipality and the inner castle instead of the Inner Castle. Because if the destination attracts tourists, the landscape on the east side of the Kale is more attractive to tourists. This is the only reason why world-famous companies are not interested in this tender. In time, we gave a lot of struggle in parliament, but it did not come out listening to us, un he said.

Mr. Tüzün said that he would not participate in the second tender announced in 27 in September or 4 will be re-organized in October. I think that either the flexibility in the specification will be done and the interest of the companies will be tried to be re-auctioned, or Sipahioglu will set up a company for a group of businessmen in Alanya and give them the tender. Ben

Mehmet Tüzün, a tourism engineer who represented the DYP in Alanya Municipality Council for some time, claims and claims.

Let's see, as Tüzün claims, if the firm does not participate in the second tender, a company of Alanya origin will be established and the tender will be given to this company? More importantly, if the claim is made and the company is set up and given to that company, who or who will be in the company?
I'll wait and see.

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