Akyazi logistics center for the unthinkable

CHP Istanbul deputy and group vice president M. Akif Hamzaçebi, Trabzon, held a press conference in the party's provincial building. Hamzaçebi, who made important statements on the national and local agenda, objected to the logistics initiative of Mayor O. Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu for Akyazı. Hamzaçebi said, ve Akyazı is for sports and accommodation facilities. It is not the place of logistics. While trying to lift the cement plant, it is against the principles of urbanism to introduce logistics into the city. Çimento
CHP Group Deputy Chairman M. Akif Hamzaçebi came to Trabzon yesterday, held a press conference in the party building. Hamzaçebi, who made statements on the national and local agenda, made important statements about the logistics center, which is the subject of recent discussions in Trabzon. Hamzaçebi reminded that the logistics centers define a specific region where all activities related to transportation, logistics and distribution of goods are carried out by various operators at both national and international level. He opposed the proposal of Gümrükçüoğlu. Hamzaçebi said, inin The filling area in Akyazı is only for building sports facilities and accommodation facilities. If you bring it to the logistics center and put it wrong, you will be wrong. It's not true. I do not think that such an initiative would be true in terms of urbanism principles. Şehir
CHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Yavuz Karan, Central District President Ahmet Kaya with a press conference organized by the center of the Hamzachebi logistics center in the place of the place where the urbanists, architects should discuss the issue in a way that the length of the way by specifying a road map, Başkan My opinion as a politician Logistics center in Akyazi is not to be. It is also not right to place such centers on the shoreline. There may be more suitable places for such places. Any kind of industrial storage facility to be built on the shore destroys the beauty and nature of Trabzon. When I say something, it causes some things to get out of our hands. In order to remove the cement plant from the center of Trabzon, the people of Trabzon tried hard. She'il be out when it's over. Now, while trying to remove an industrial plant out of Trabzon, on the other hand, this center is not true to put Akyazı'ya 'said.

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