Aksaray tram station to be taken westward

The plan to change the face of Aksaray, located in Fatih district of Istanbul, was approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council by majority of votes.
The plan that will change the face of Fatih District Aksaray Square was approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council by majority of votes.
In the 5th meeting of the Metropolitan Municipal Council's September meetings, the commission report containing the proposal "Aksaray Square Arrangement 1/5000 Scale Conservation Construction Plan Modification and 1/1000 Scale Conservation Implementation Plan" that will enable the change of Fatih Aksaray Square was put to vote.
Although the members of the CHP voted against, the report was accepted with the majority of votes, with the AK Party members voting "yes".
Metropolitan Municipality Council AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ergün Turan said that the plan in question is one of the plans that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş cared about.
Emphasizing that the Aksaray Meydan Project is a project that excites the AK Party council members, Turan said, “Within the scope of the project, a completely level solution was created that removed the overpass in Aksaray Square. However, there are expropriations in some areas in the region. A new 60-acre pedestrianization area will be built between Muratpaşa Mosque and Valide Sultan Mosque, combining them and revealing those historical artifacts. We approved the plan today. Then this will be the tender phase of this job, ”he said.
Emphasizing that no upper structure will be formed in the square, Turan continued his words as follows:
“Neither an underpass nor an overpass will be built in the square. There is nothing that touches the shopkeepers who are currently in the underpass. There is no issue that concerns the tradesmen under the underground passage in the plan. Our tradesmen will continue their activities there. It is one of the most important plan decisions we have made for Istanbul right now. Istanbul will have a beautiful square. I hope it will arouse excitement when done. "
According to the report of the commission, within the scope of the project, pedestrian crossing priority regulation will be made by reducing the signals of vehicle traffic coming from Adnan Menderes Boulevard (Vatan Caddesi). In addition, Yusufpaşa and Aksaray tram stations are canceled and arranged as a single stop in the middle, Ordu Caddesi Ceylan Street, Şair Efendi Street, Mesihpaşa Street are all pedestrianized, and Atatürk Boulevard is partially taken to the pedestrian area.
Approximately 60 thousand 851 square meters in total, including the historical Valide Sultan Mosque, Muratpaşa Mosque and Zübeyde Hanım Park in Aksaray Square and its surroundings, will be organized as a whole square.
Pedestrian movement in the area will be made comfortable and safe. The new project will be organized in the vicinity of the square and vehicle traffic. Vehicle overpasses that negatively affect the image of the region will be canceled. Partial expropriation will take place in the square where necessary.

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