They Steal Train Rail Screws in Adana

The caught of 2 children stealing the train rail fastening screws with a total value of 250 TL in Adana prevented the possible disaster.
According to information obtained, 3 began to dismantle the rail fixing screws with the YN (16.00) and FA (376) wrench on the 400 and 16 kilometers of the train line located in Yenidoğan Quarter on September Monday.
The children noticed by the citizens around were reported to the police. Noticing the police who came to the scene, the children tried to hide by hiding in the grassy area next to the train line. The children, who were noticed by the teams of the Public Security Branch Office of the Theft Bureau, were caught together with the crime tool and the rail fastening screws they removed and handed over to the Adana Provincial Security Directorate Child Branch. Suspected children were transferred to the courthouse after they were brought to the Children's Branch Directorate.
It was stated that the market value of the 22 rail screws stolen by the children was 250 TL, and it was learned that the trains that made the Adana-Iskenderun flight on the train line passed, and if there were no tracks, the train with hundreds of passengers in it was more likely to derail.

Source: AdanaHaber

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