In Adana, minibuses took the metro carrying free passengers to court

📩 25/11/2018 13:54

In Adana, minibuses claimed that the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries free passengers from its lines to the metro stations, caused unfair competition and gave the subway to the court for the cancellation of 'free passengers'.
Yasin Avar, a member of the İtimat Minibus Cooperative, who claimed that they suffered financial losses after meeting free passengers from different parts of the city to the metro stations, filed a lawsuit with the request of stopping the execution at the Administrative Court.
Kırbak, one of the lawyers of the EU Law Office, said that it is illegal for the municipality to initiate a ring expedition to the lines purchased by the clients who earned their livelihoods by paying a significant amount. The Municipality stated that with this application, the public cited a comfortable and safe transportation. Kırbak said, “However, this practice has been out of purpose. While ring buses carry passengers without stopping from one stop to another in all cities, it has started to stop at all of the intermediate stops in Adana. Many of the city buses were allocated for this time and the people used these vehicles even though the public did not use the subway. ”
Numune Hospital, Kıyboyu, Kanalköprü, Barış Manço Boulevard, PTT Street, Türkeş Boulevard, Anatolian High School, Turgut Özal, Kenan Evren, Centenary, Mental Health, İsmet Atlı Boulevard, Hilmi Kürkçü Boulevard, Municipal Houses, Gürselpaşa and the busiest places in the city. Av. pointed out that these ring expeditions were made from many more places. Kırbak emphasized that the application caused not only the cooperatives doing public transportation on these routes, but also the municipality's own buses to work at the loss. Hunting. Duygu Kırbak said, “The fact that an enterprise that makes a loss of one-fourth of the municipal budget continues to provide service free of charge means that the public cannot benefit from other services that the public will benefit, which is an incompatible approach for the benefit of the public.”
Hunting. Recalling that the municipality's co-operative and private public buses have been raised and raised to 1,50 TL before the free ring services of the municipality, '' However, the subway transportation fee is from 1,10 TL to 0,75 TL. It has been reduced. Moreover, in addition to the discounts made, a free ring flight was started with municipal buses and second buses to the buses were made free within an hour. ”
At the court, Av. Kırbak noted that the Metropolitan Municipality provided the clippings of the advertising banners and newspaper reports about the damage of the metro as evidence, and that they submitted the precedent decision as a document that the application made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was canceled on a similar subject.

Source: Habertürk

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