'50' crisis in Alanya Teleferik

The first contract of the Teleferik Project, which was announced as the most important project developed by the Alanya Municipality in the last 13 year, turned out to be the '50 discount crisis to the groups' on the ticket price and the cancellation of the demand for the 'cafeteria and recreation facility' at the destination of the participating companies. It was a matter of curiosity whether President Sipahioğlu would make a stretch in the Cable Car Project which will be auctioned for the second time this morning and how the crisis will be overcome.
ALANYA Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu'nun 13 years as the largest project brought to the stage of implementation, but the 6 expected to be held in September while the non-participating Teleferik Project tender will be held today at 10.00 meeting room. 6 was expected to be held in September, only two of the two domestic and two foreign companies to take the specification of the company and the tender room, only ten minutes after entering the tender room had left the tender. According to the information obtained by Yeni Alanya; Under the inability of the tender, the ticket price '50 discount crisis on the groups' to the group of participants at the point of arrival 'cafeteria and recreation facility' demand lies in the acceptance of.
Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu won the tender for the Cable Car Project, which can be boarded for 8 TL per person when the project is completed. kazanAt the moment he asked the company to give 50 percent discount to the groups, but the companies said, “The project already requires a great cost on its own. Very few people take the cable car individually. Our goal is to attract tourists in groups from the hotels in Alanya center and its towns. It was learned that they said, "If we give 50 percent discount to the groups, we will make a big loss" and that's why they either withdrew from the tender or did not participate at all.
On the other hand, some firms that did not participate in the tender despite the tender specifications, previously discussed with Sipahioglu and at the point of destination tourists can sit and relax, shopping, such as cafes, grocery stores and tea gardens, they want structures, but Sipahioğlu'nun this request ... We got permission. We can not get any permission from the requested structures. Eye It is also the information that the firms have given up on the tender at the last moment. In the tender to be held today, it is anticipated whether these demands of the participating companies will be repeated or whether the Municipality of Alanya will make flexibility in the specification to make the tender.

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