Minister Yildirim meets with his Romanian counterpart

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said, “Friends are working hard to open the road on the parliament route. It is planned to open like the end of October. Our goal is to open before the end of October. ”
Minister Yıldırım met with Romanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ovidiu Ioan Silaghi at the Ministry. Yıldırım stated that the visiting Minister will hold contacts in Ankara and Istanbul, and that they will talk about cooperation opportunities in the shipbuilding sector, especially in the maritime field. Stating that the Guest Minister will conduct an investigation in the Marmaray project tomorrow, Yıldırım noted that they will consult on how to further improve relations in the field of transport. Yıldırım reminded that the trade volume between the two countries reached $ 6.6 billion. Minister Yıldırım invited Minister Silaghi to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation meeting in Izmir at the level of Ministers in November.
Silaghi, congratulating Yıldırım about the relations between the two countries, said, “You have managed to stay in this position for 9 years. "You have made an effort to further develop the relations between the two countries." Turkey's exports to Romania in the 4th, recalled that imports # 9 Silagh is a joint project of Turkey stated that Europe even closer.
Yıldırım answered the questions of journalists at the end of the acceptance. On the question of when a journalist will open the routes that are closed due to the construction of the metro in Ankara, Yıldırım said, “Especially, the friends are working hard to open the road on the Parliament route. It is planned to open like the end of October. They will do their best to open it before. Our goal is to open before the end of October. ”
On the question of whether there are any targets for completing the subway works before the local elections, Yıldırım said, “In our program, the Çayyolu and Sincan lines of the two lines were aimed to be completed by the end of 2013, especially in the Ankara subways. With the Marmaray project, we aim to complete the Ankara-Istanbul high speed train by the end of 2013. Whether the elections are brought forward or not, our target for the end of 2013 is still valid. Can we put this forward for a few months, guys are doing it. Services are not indexed to elections. Services are made to meet the needs of citizens. Elections are temporary and temporary, services must be permanent. With this understanding, my entire team is working hard day and night, especially to minimize the traffic problem in Ankara. ”

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