Signaling cables near Turan station of İZBAN were burned

IZBAN Light Rail System Line burned the signaling cables near the Turan Station of the unidentified person or persons. Depending on the damage, the signaling system between Turan and Çiğli collapsed.
The signaling cables between Naldöken and Turan of IZBAN, which frequently came to the agenda with the problems on the lines and transportation disruptions, were burned by the person or persons who could not be detected yet. After the fire, which caused the signaling system between Turan and Çiğli stations to collapse, the trips were disrupted. Trains had to wait 20 minutes at Turan station; Signaling between trains was provided with radios and the right to pass was given. İZBAN transportation, which has been delayed for about three hours, has also infuriated citizens. TCDD officers restored train traffic by fixing the malfunction. The incident was transferred to the police units and identification studies were initiated.
TCDD officials, who soon repaired the signaling system damaged after the fire, said that it was not yet possible to determine who caused the fire and for what reason. The authorities said, “Our signaling cables were burned in the Turan region, near the sea. We estimate that it is made by the person or people who come to fish. The fire burned on the beach may have spread by the effect of the wind. After the fire, the signaling system on the lines collapsed and about 20 trains were disrupted; there were waits. We encounter theft and damage on the 80-kilometer line, but citizens should know that these cables are fiberoptic and have no material value! We will still take reinforcing measures to prevent damage to the cables. We also transferred the incident to the police units. Necessary studies will be carried out. ”

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