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TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman explained: aman Maybe next year Antalya can be taken to the program. Konya-Antalya is the 1 hour. Ankara-Antalya 2.5 watches Ankara
Do we have enough staff trained in railway?
Railways have actually stayed way back as well in Turkey, as well as the technology has the wayside. No railway engineer in Turkey; The department was founded for the first time in Karabük University. We're trying to build the infrastructure.
- What are the goals of our train adventure?
There's a target up to 2023. When this ruling came to power, all universities - ODTU, Yildiz Teknik- gathered. Professors and experts around the 100 made transportation master plan strategy in Turkey. According to that strategy they were targeted. They will be done until 2023. Every year, the government takes one. This year, for example, we sent Kayseri. Maybe next year or this year if we load too Konya-Antalya or Isparta may be taken to the agenda.
- If I gave the time to the gospel?
We don't know when it's gonna be taken. Last year Izmir was taken, this year Kayseri. Maybe in Antalya. We can't decide that. Konya-Antalya is the 1 hour. Ankara-Antalya 2.5 watch. We have two goals in Antalya. There is a line from Ankara-Konya, a line from Afyon-Kütahya-Istanbul. The Chinese state tourism will be very high in 2023. If the Chinese will come to Turkey in Antalya. But the Chinese do not like the sea. For this purpose, tourists from Antalya to Cappadocia, Konya, faith tourism, historical tourism should go. He line our line for tourism. From Konya to Konya, Cappadocia, Kayseri will go to Divrigi Ulucami. Ulucami is very well known in China.
- The people of Bursa will also be curious -
We are making Bursa, we started. Our goal for Bursa is 2015 or 2016. Eskisehir- Halkalı 29 October for 2013.
- The most distressing of the mechanics on the rails of the birds that are clustered. "The locomotive under the eye does not see the eyes a little bit to the heart, but we are very sad when the blood splash on the glass," he says a young mechanic. Is there no way to prevent this?
This situation was much more during the trial voyages. Some Western countries that use the high-speed train and Japan to write and the resort was asked. 'Don't worry shortly after the birds will understand the situation and protect themselves' came the answer. That's what happened. Bird brains are underestimated, but the birds then really understood it. More trains from the 5 kilometer distant to the bird cluster, which immediately informs them of the descent. Only oxens complained to us. We can't find anything to look after so fast. Ha ha haa Ha
From Ankara Halkalı'Either ...
- Ankara's a stepchild? He's pulling your load.
There's the capital. Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train and Marmaray will be opened together. High speed train will start from Ankara Halkalıto continue. Metro and Ankara will be connected. 2014 end or 2015 will open in Ankara-Sivas. 2016 in Bursa, 2017 in Izmir. Bursa will go from Bilecik. 20 will be mileage tunnel.
- 'Gardan Adam' What will he do for Ankara Station?
Ankara Station is very important. There will be a garage in Eskişehir. We'il integrate it with the old.

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Current Railway Tender Schedule

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Tender Announcement: Wheel Set will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ)

September 10 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
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Procurement Notice: Fuel will be purchased

September 10 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
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Procurement Notice: Heating of Stations and Maintenance of Boilers

September 12 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
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Tender Notice: Public Transportation by Sea

September 16 @ 10: 00 - 11:00
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