TÜVASAŞ 'Inno Trans Berlin Fair Best of 2012 Turkey had representation on the Format

Turkey Wagon Factory Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), held in Berlin, Germany, the world's largest and most prestigious international railway exhibition in Turkey was represented in the best way.
Taşıy Inno Trans 2012 Berlin en is the biggest exhibition in the world in terms of railway technologies, infrastructure, tunnel construction and passenger transportation and exhibiting the endpoints of the companies.
In this context, TÜVASAŞ, which exports to Bulgaria and Iraq, met with the intense interest of many railway companies from Europe, Asia and Africa. The TÜVASAŞ delegation, who met with the world's leading operators, held many preliminary meetings at its own stand. TÜVASAŞ delegation welcomed the officials of several countries, mainly the State Railways, the State Railways, the Bulgarian State Railways, the Slovak State Railways, the Sudanese State Railways, the Pakistani State Railways and the Russian State Railways. A total of approximately 3 thousand people were taken care of, from the foreign business committees where future discussions, consultation meetings and new R & D work were discussed.
The TÜVASAŞ booth, in which the products produced by TÜVASAŞ in Sakarya attracted great attention at the İnno Trans 2012 Berlin Fair; especially in our country, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister numerous delegations with Ben Ali Yildirim consultants, exhibitors and visitors toured.
TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, 28 2012 May 26 New York Marriott Marquis Hotel Congress Hall, 178. At the International Quality Summit, the Kalite International Quality Summit Award Kalite, which is recognized in the leading 2012 country in the world, was one of the most interesting items of the TÜVASAŞ stand. TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki said,; We have realized one more of the sure steps taken by TÜVASAŞ to become a global brand for the participation in the İnno Trans 2012 Berlin Fair. Katıl Our participation in the İnno Trans XNUMX Berlin Fair, which is the biggest and most prestigious fair in the international arena, enabled us to meet with many foreign countries' representatives. We introduced our products and did not leave our place as a Turkish manufacturer. The stand, which was visited the most with the guests in the fair area, was TÜVASAŞ stand. We TÜVASAŞ in all areas of family, we intend to be a source of pride for Turkey. As TÜVASAŞ, these developments keep us motivated and constantly motivated to achieve greater goals and to add new ones to our achievements.

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