Kars Governor Eyüp Tepe visited Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway construction

Governor Tepe visited the Kuyucuk Lake, which has a significant ecological wonder and tourism potential of Kars, and received information from the governor Can Aksoy about the activities carried out in Kuyucuk.
He made observations on artificial observation island and observation tower on the edge of Kuyucuk Lake and made evaluations about the bird population in the region and the things to be done within the framework of the lake management plan.
Governor Eyüp Tepe, and his retinue then moved to the Kuyucuk Tourism Center, which was commissioned by the Special Provincial Administration and the Serhat Development Agency with the Service Union for Arpaçay Villages. Governor Tepe, chatted with the people of the village for a while.
Completing his visits and investigations in Kuyucuk, Governor Eyup Tepe went to the construction of Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway between Arpachay district center and Gonulalan Village.
Eyüp Tepe received information from the authorities about the BTK railway, which will link the Asian and European railways network and is one of the world's most prominent projects.
BTK railway line Kars and floor of topping that Turkey made great contributions to the economy and drew attention to the rapid completion of the project if necessary.

Source: PirsusHaber

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