All kinds of infrastructure is provided for Eskişehir to become a railway industry center

While there is a lack of leading sector in the defense and aviation sector in Eskişehir, a development in the railway sector seems to change the future of Eskişehir. ESO was created under the leadership of the Organized Industrial Zone Railway Systems Cluster (RSK) after the preparations required for the establishment of Organized Industrial Zone Railway came to the end point.
According to the information we received from the authorities to the Railway Organized Industrial Zone Hasanbey region. All infrastructure works of the railway OIZ have been completed. The region is expected to be operational as the 2015 year.
Only the great importance of rail Organized Industrial Zone, which will carry the developments would radically change the future of Eskişehir for Turkey's economy not to Eskisehir heralds. Having a giant organization like TÜLOMSAŞ in the sector, having Eskişehir's Railway OIZ means that it will be specialized in this field with both its employment and added value.
We must be the leading sector
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı, from whom we received his comments, stated that there is no reason for the railway industry center not to be Eskişehir. Mr. Avci emphasized that he believes that all companies operating on the railway will be able to turn Eskişehir into a railway industrial center. We've taken all the steps right now. Consultancy, certification, supplier industry, main industry, exporter, test center should be all in this region. Bu
We will have a voice in 2014
CEO Hunter, only locomotive manufacturing sector, while noting that a TÜLOMSAŞ 10 thousand more than needed by the affected parts and all sectors to be affected in Eskisehir announced that they desire. Eskisehir expressed his belief that the synergy resulting in 2014 would be a positive reflection of the hunters, he said dönüşül the industrial center with the addition 3 thousand people more employment opportunities would arise.
Hasanbey Logistics Center was tendered
As it is known in Turkey by the ministry to set point 11 logistics and logistics centers was identified as one of Hasanbey located in Eskisehir. General Directorate of Turkish State Railways "Hasanbey Logistics Center Signaling and Telecommunications Systems Establishment Construction of" Investments made tender relating to the procurement and tender according to the information we received from the magazine won the Dimetronic SA firm. On August 03 2012 the Directorate General of Companies 3 673 thousand million euros and has signed contracts 198 2 million over 755 681 thousand pounds. This decision was made to go to the specialized industrial zone.
Contributions of Railway Industry Center
-Eskişehir, could return to the central railway industry operating on the rail sector in Ankara, Malatya, Sivas, Adana, Afyon, will be the center of attraction for firms in cities such as Istanbul.
- The opportunity to employ additional 3 thousand will be born.
- Experienced in the activities that require advanced technology and qualified human migration.
- Many industrialists from abroad and abroad will be operational in Eskişehir.

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