Chairman Kocaoğlu, Questions About Transportation in Aegean TV Answered

Kocaoglu, Transport, Communications and Maritime Minister Binali Yildirim said about him, "good friends, but could not finish the metro," he said, "I do not receive and gocunmuyorum. The subway isn't over, it's over. Minister Yıldırım, 'good friends, but did not finish' he said. He's doing the right thing. From the ground up to the sky is right. But Ankara did not say 'Towels threw'. Metron is delayed. I didn't leave half a job in my life. When Ankara and Istanbul's subway were handed over to the Ministry, I offered my other needs, projects, whatever I had. There's a difference here. One of them throws towels, the other works by day and night, indicating the determination of the end. He thinks that the subway is the job of the government, not the municipality. One of them is 17, and one of them is the mayor of 8. In the meantime 10 years have realized var paid off. Kocaoglu, Üçyol-Üçkuyular announced that the construction of the metro as soon as possible. Kocaoglu, the question of whether the local elections will grow up to six months forward, but will grow if noted.

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