51 native challenge on rail system (PRIVATE NEWS)

OSTİM Rail Transportation Cluster, Ankara Metro, has adopted the 51 offset percent. This step was a very important success for the industry. This approach came to be applied to other tenders.
Sector, the 51 threshold, ignoring the "delivery to the address" claimed that the Samsun and Konya municipalities initiated a struggle for the correction of tenders.
At the meeting in Ankara OSTİM, industrialists said, “51 is an important step and a definite threshold. Those who are out of this have no excuse. Turkey is able to produce these vehicles, "they said.
ANKARA - With the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster, the 5 cluster of OSTIM, your Newspaper has put the current state and future of the rail vehicle sector on the table. The prominent joint opinion was to avoid the 51 domestic contribution requirement set out in the Ankara Metro. In the meeting, which was directed by Rüştü Bozkurt, the Editor of the newspaper, Rönü Bozkurt, was attended by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Ibrahim Ekinci, the Head of Domestic Affairs Handan Sema Ceylan and the Ankara Representative Ferit Barış Parlak. recorded that can capture.
Industrialists, referring to the bureaucratic obstacles, asked for the preparation of specifications in consultation with companies. It was pointed out that these systems should be government policy, not government policy. The vehicle must be recorded with a minimum of 70 percent local content, which consists of about 2 trillion dollars in the world market and that Turkey must take a share of this pie was specified.
”We can make 51 not all percent native“
Stating that they are working to increase the competitiveness of firms in OSTİM, OSTİM President Orhan Aydın stated that one of the most important of these works is clusters, and he added that there are now clustering of 5 in OSTİM by adding 'Anatolian Rail Vehicle Systems Cluster'. Emphasizing the ability of the indigenous industry to do all of these systems, Aydın said, Aydın We can see that the products we can do here come from abroad. When we say 'why this', there are some gaps. for making the necessary arrangements, companies can not solve problems on an individual basis, going to auctions abroad because we can not do a system integration gives Turkey explains in great consequence. One of the ways to close these gaps is based on our coming together. Bu
As a result of the work done by the clustering of the Ankara metro tender, the 51 domestic requirement of 51 recorded that the Aydin, said: metro This percentage is very important to 51. It was a breaking point. After that no one can write anything on the rail vehicle in less than the 51 tender specifications. XNUMX percent not, we have the ability to do it all in Turkey. After that, we need to integrate these systems, design it, find the leading companies and pilot companies and we need to cluster and work around it Bundan.
"Turkey should take this opportunity to better assess"
Sedat Çelikdoğan, Board Member of OSTİM Foundation and OSTİM National Technical Projects Coordinator, stated that the domestic contribution rate is very low in the sector, and said, Üy This issue should be seen as a chance to improve our domestic industry. Sektör Çelikdoğan, the next auction of 51 requirement should be sought, he said. Çelikdoğan, who expressed that the companies that are ready to become national brands with their designs and productions were born, expressed their example of Bozankaya, Durmazlar and RTE. Alar There are brands in the automotive industry. There are no foreign investors to enter the sector. Turkey must evaluate the best of this opportunity, "said Çelikdog that, 1 5 percent in to 80 years will be the contribution rate, saying it was ready for the national brand" This company should be done with the cooperation and should be given special incentives, "he said. Çelikdog that, Turkey has emphasized the need to set their own standards.
51 percent of the one step they take, but it is not enough, indicating that the Çelikdogan, the Public Procurement Authority's legislation, accordingly, said changes were required. Çelikdoğan, who wants to establish a state policy in this direction, stated that the support should be given to the manufacturers to emphasize. Üretici We need to make our companies not national but international players. Supports should be aimed at opening up to the international market, not the country market. Ina Çelikdoğan underlined that R & D supports should be project-oriented and said ma For example, we are looking for land, we need to search for land fir. Pointing to the need for a perception that takes into account the international market without relying solely on the domestic market, Çelikdoğan said, dikkate Without the industry, full industry cannot happen Sadece. Çelikdoğan stated that the R & D support given to the projects taken by the companies should be at the minimum 75 rate.
In There must be a university in the center of the cluster “
Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç, Rector of Çankaya University, who stated that he was elected as the chairman of the board of directors formed by the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems cluster, said that they were carrying out cluster works for 6 years with OSTİM. Guvenc, "the center of the cluster model must be a university, around the sector representing our institutions and the third public institutions need to have the public," he said.
Güvenç stated that the bureaucrats who prepared the specifications were trained in the universities. Ç It is unfair to wait for those bureaucrats because they are not only educated with the R & D culture. They are weak in developing and developing something new. But if the intention of the bureaucracy is good, it is necessary to prepare these specifications by contacting the firms and the experts. Güvenc said bureaucrats are not subjected to a performance-based criterion, and added, “They do not work in 5 for years to bring their sector here. It is as if they live in a country that has no current account deficit or unemployment. The firms in the cluster are tearing, our bureaucrats never feel it. In the case of Konya and Samsun, the specification describing the company is written directly. Isn't that a crime? Everything in the tender law was free. This is business indecency. Bu
Güvenç said that if there are similar studies in other provinces apart from this cluster, they will come together. In some sectors, regional clusters can be established, but it is wrong to have more than one cluster in sectors with high added value, high demand, and high-tech sectors.
”3 can do 100 indian percent per year“
of firms in Turkey said that it has the capacity to do the moment a tram or subway percent 60-70 Bozanka to Inc. Chairman Dogan Bozanka to, basic problems of software, electronics and traction motor voiced in the production. To do 100 years 3 percent stated that the time needed to Bozanka, just that you need to look at the market as Turkey, North Africa, Asia, Russia noted that the market potential is high. Var For example, there is only one thousand 200 'trambus' in Moscow. Russia is a huge potential, ilişkin Bozankaya said, hoping for a forward-looking process. Yok We don't have standard technology. We need to focus on specific issues in terms of software. If we concentrate, 3 will come to the capacity we can make after years, sene says Bozankaya.
said that there are companies that can do them, but the products' untested 'risky' is seen, he said. Bozankaya said, Boz We have a metra from our own design and light rail vehicle. We're releasing the market soon. We also have our own 100 bus,. He said.
Stressing that need to be removed in consultation with firms Bozanka Specification, "the Specification are definitely not suited to the conditions in Turkey," he said. said that the department of tramway engineering should be opened in universities.
"Turkey should receive a share of 2 trillion market"
indicating percent of 51 absolutely essential that there is a boundary that should not be abandoned Rail Association Transportation Systems and Industry (RAYDER) President and Durmazlar Rail Project Coordinator Taha Aydin, Turkey, noting that determine its place in this sector. Turkey, indicating that he needed 20 5 year projections of 500 thousand car Aydin, was reported to be around them 45 billion dollars of economic value. Aydın said, olm The 350 population should have a light rail system and the 1 million should pass by metro. Now we need to give up the bus, Artık he said. Aydın said they built a vehicle called İpekböceği. 2.5 months will be over and he designed and manufactured in Turkey will have taken the first vehicle certificate, "he said.
Mamış Since Nuri Demirağ, no one has mentioned the railway. 2023 strategic plan is being prepared, we looked at there is no such anxiety, plan he said, underlining that these systems should no longer be government policies and transformed into state policy. expressed the need to continue the psychological barrier 51 percent Aydin, then it noted that this figure could be increased gradually with the developments in Turkey. 450 billion euros in the peninsula of Arabia, 250 billion dollars in China, 500 billion dollars in Russia, 170 billion dollars in Europe, said that the market, said: "There is a market around the world 2 trillion dollars. Turkey share why you take it? "He said.
“We were alone in vehicle electronics“
Durmazlar Mechatronics Manager Levent Udgu pointed out the importance of sub-industry and stated that not only mechatronics but also electronic and software systems should be coordinated. UDG indicating that Turkey's lines in poor condition in the electronic software, "But we're very lonely When we started in electronic tools," he said. As far as software found in Turkey, voicing endless supply of UDG, "the youth are gleaming. But we have serious problems in the electronic context. Ama Udgu stated that serious R & D should be done in the field of electronics and software. Eden In addition, critical components need to solve events through marriages. Marriage, even if the need to do R & D in Turkey, "he said. UDG, the minimum percentage of vehicles that will be purchased in Turkey xnumx'n with local content should be added.
Şart Local product requirement can be brought when getting credit “
Berdan Civata Deputy General Manager of the rail system in Istanbul, giving a nut, Abdullah Bakim, all kinds of high quality bolt nuts, they can do special bolts, he said. . We are building anchor plates in Nordeks, Germany, and the wind rose towers of Alstom in Spain. You see, we are doing quality work, when you tell us why you don't give us more work they give us the following answer. These companies receive credit, for example, are taking a loan from Hermes in Germany, their spouse will get these goods from Germany, you'll get from Turkey called. Why do we buy more materials from outside, we say that we do not braking, we can use the same policy on rail vehicles, fazla he said.
”Bureaucrat has no chance to write specifications“
Mr. Selahattin Düzbasan, the Chairman of the Board of Ilgaz Construction, stated that the Ministry should prepare a specification that covers all subjects such as material standard and construction standard starting from the infrastructure. The bureaucrat has no chance to write this. Because we have to live to write, Çünkü he said. Noting that university-industry cooperation is very important, Düzbasan said that test centers should be established. Düzbas, "I believe that Turkey is on the right track. I believe that if we continue this way, we will create both our industry and our industry. There are many obstacles in front of it, but I believe that we will overcome these problems with our creative ideas. Bun
Li The trick is in system engineering “
Low-voltage systems, voicing Art Elektronik sist General Manager Alp İyigün, passenger information systems, emergency systems, such as systems developed, he said. Ğ The profit, difficulty, and trick of this business are in system engineering. I'm doing the whole system to be able to say I do not have to produce low-voltage systems in Turkey. If I can take this product from different bear places and integrate it, even if I can do this engineering system by collecting it from abroad, I think this product is my product iy. We don't have to do everything in electronics. Iyigun, who spoke in the form of the trick is the system engineer, said that if there is support in system engineering, there are equipment that can come to better points.

Samsun To be told to the presidents in Konya and Samsun “
Stating that the contract in Konya and Samsun should be read by the cluster, General Manager of Kayseri Transport Inc. Arif Emecen said, Emecen stated that with the local wills such as the Chamber of Industry, it should be explained to the Mayor that this cannot be done. Bir In a period when the current account deficit is peaking, you cannot do this in a period when the 324 vehicle in Ankara project is given 51. You put 15 on the percentile rate. This is a demonstration ürül with economic concerns should be taken to the tender said.
Large participation in the Ostim meeting
DÜNYA Newspaper, Ankara OSTİM with rail transport systems cluster managers and industrialists meeting, the sector for the production of screwdrivers, wagon and software producers from all stages participated. At the beginning of the meeting, OSTİM Foundation Board Member and OSTİM National Technical Projects Coordinator Sedat Çelikdoğan made a wide presentation describing the developments in the sector. WORLD Author Rüştü Bozkurt (while seated, fourth from right) meeting at the company that manages the technical managers also told us that Turkey's rail system anywhere in the technology.
The silkworm produces Durmazlar in Bursa, Turkey
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's first indigenous tram Durmazlar machine produced in cooperation Silkworm, will be released this year on the rails. Inspired by the fact that Bursa is the starting point of the Silk Road, İpekböceği will receive a production certificate after the international tests in November. Thus, silkworm will be the first domestic vehicle to receive approval type certificate. between railway systems manufacturer in Turkey Bozanka on, do not stop, it's RTE istnabul and Railt.

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