Fire broke out at 5 different points after the train crossing in Dursunbey


Fire extinguishing works are continuing at 5 different points on the side of the railway passing near Adaören Village in Dursunbey District of Balıkesir. It was stated that 17.00 helicopters, 4 plots, forest workers and peasants intervened in Gökçedağ Station, together with the support teams that went to the fire, which started at 40. It was reported that the helicopters stopped working with the darkening of the air and the intervention from the land continued. It was stated that the flames were affected by 30 hectares according to the first determinations.


Balıkesir Forest Regional Manager Recep Ateş said that the flames in 5 regions were taken under control in 2 different locations, and that their teams made great efforts to prevent the fire from growing in 3 locations. Ateş said, “Today, after the train pass near Adaören Village, a fire broke out at 5 different points. According to the experience we gained, the sparks that leapt from the lining of the train during braking, most likely on rough terrain, ignited the grass on the edge of the railroad and splashed into the Forest. However, we cannot say for certain that it is a forensic subject, but this is most likely. Our 2 helicopters deployed in Balıkesir went to the fire in Banaz District of Uşak today. After the fire warning in Adaören Village, helicopters were recalled. Support was requested from Çanakkale. Fire was interfered with 4 helicopters. The fire was brought under control in two areas. Mobility continues in 3 regions. With the blackening of the air, helicopters withdrew. Our reinforced ground teams continue to struggle. Fire does not threaten settlements. We will take 5 different points under control in a short time. ”

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