You have received zero from the people IBB and Mr. Kadir Topbaş

You have received zero from the people of the IBB and Mr. Kadir Topbas.
Our architect has proved the phrase ”eye to eye when eyebrowing Mimar.
What is done under the name of Metrobus project is the disgrace of engineering and architecture.
The reason I write this article is the metrobus stop and transfer station on E5, which is about to end. As a result of the 18 monthly work, the result was worse.
At this point of the E5 a stop at which the minibuses will stop and the foot of the overpass is in front of a lane. This is the reason for the traffic that occurred in hunters alone.
I've warned Kadir Topbaş on the official roads. Our municipalities for the people have forgotten what they are for, not just municipalities to give iftar meals to the public Mr. Kadir Topbaş.
For the Metrobus, the overpasses and minibuses that you have made a nice stop by taking passengers to drop the traffic is the cause of the formation.
In addition, E5 Yildiz freak is your work, chaos and chaos in every community.
Metrobüs project, let's take a look at the project disgrace.
The international E5 highway was built out of standards with the construction of the BRT. If you look from where a strange project with a single word appeared.
- Non-standard road lanes
- Multiple narrow roads
- Sitting rooms with continuous accidents at entry exits
- Stops continually blocking the waters
- Unmanned vans and pedestrian buses
- In the middle of the road in the middle of the road
- The 2 large vehicle can't go side by side.
- An expanding roads like a snake.
This is the project, Dr. Architect Kadir Topbas.
Sit down, Mr. President, zero
The voice of the people.


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