Answer from Yılmaz Özdil to TCDD

The debate between Hürriyet writer Yılmaz Özdil and TCDD continues at full speed. In his last article, Özdil had criticized TCDD as “how local are you”. Railways, on the other hand, responded with a statement without being silent against this article of the Hürriyet writer.
Özdil, which was loaded with the words “From which country the Hürriyet paper is buying”, responded to TCDD with its today's article.
Here is that article of Özdil;
Dear TCDD…
You have sent a correction by stating that my article titled "What did you knit?" Is "wrong".
Respecting the institution with the name "TC" is the debt of our neck.
I wrote the period of Mustafa Kemal… You say, “Between 1923 and 1950, 3764 kilometers of railway was built, corresponding to 134 kilometers per year, 2004 kilometers of railway was built between 2011-1076, corresponding to 135 kilometers per year”. No it is! The source of the debate is the 10th year anthem… You will base it between 1923-1933. Let me give an advance for 5 years, you have to calculate by 1938. What about Mustafa Kemal from 1940 to 1950?
Also… Why are you starting from 2004? Was İsmet İnönü in power in 2003? Add the period not belonging to Mustafa Kemal to Mustafa Kemal, subtract the period belonging to the AKP from the AKP? You are like a god, you decrease it when it comes to your business, you increase it when it comes to your business.
Moreover, if you compare the possibilities of that period with those of that period, you can say that Toki was bigger than Mimar Sinan. It builds more buildings. Moreover, even Nuri Demirağ, who Atatürk gave the surname of demirağ, built more than you railway alone. If you don't believe, you can ask the AKP MP Nursuna Memecan, his grandson.
And you did 1076 kilometers, but… Some hypocritical experts say that by double counting double lines going in the same direction, you inflated the figure. According to this logic… When we build a 6 kilometer highway with 100 lanes, we have to say that we built 600 kilometers of highway?
You said, “Özdil, the Turks are doing these roads.” However, our Prime Minister says what the Chinese do. “As you know, we are doing Eskişehir-Istanbul high speed train line with China. Likewise, the Ankara-Sivas line walks with China. In the next period, we aim to build our 5-kilometer railway network with China. ” Sabah Newspaper had put the heading “It will weave iron nets with the Chinese”… Because it is not me, our Minister of Transportation, who said that he was sitting with the Chinese for the $ 35 billion Edirne-Ardahan line.
You say that the Ankara-Konya line was built with the labor of local contractors. The rail carries the biggest load… Wasn't the Italian-made rail that was brought by ship from Iskenderun on that line?
You say, "No locomotives were purchased from Spain." It was published on the official website of TCDD: “The first high-tech high-speed train set to travel on the Ankara-Eskişehir line was delivered at a ceremony attended by our general manager Süleyman Karaman in the town of Beasain, Spain.”
He writes in Wikipedia's "high-speed train" article:
“HT65000 models in Ankara-Eskişehir line were produced by the Spanish Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles company.”
"I bought a wagon from South Korea," I said, you did not object. You said, "A train factory was established in Adapazarı for the domestic railway industry." It was also established… Isn't its partner South Korea?
I said, “Machinists were trained in Germany,” you objected. "He trained in Turkey, sent to foreign countries for internship" You too ... May God make you laugh, e mi.
“Balıkesir-Eskişehir French, Köseköy-Gebze Italian, Gebze-Halkalı Spanish, Ankara-Sivas slanting eyes, Sivas-Erzincan Italian ”. You passed the tangent of the others and said, “The construction of the Sivas-Erzincan line has not started, we do not know who will do it” and put an exclamation at the end of the sentence. Where is this company from? Italian!
"Tests, made in the Czech Republic, sent to Germany to France," I said, You remove the crispy ... Anyway, it says I'm not, Hacettepe Technopolis Inc. Chairman Professor Murat Karas that ... "all cars used in Turkey, rail vehicles being imported. Not only imports are left, they are sent to the Czech Republic, Germany or France for testing. Hundreds of thousands of euros are going abroad. ”
I said "Marmaray Japanese", you didn't say anything. I said “There are German, Italian, French, Chinese, South Korean signatures in Ankara and Istanbul subway”, you never mentioned. In contrast, you have accepted that the bridge asphalt is brought from abroad and sea buses are imported. Thanks. However ... I wrote that the Metrobus are Dutch, you did not mention a single line, thank you. As if there were no drivers, even the drivers from the Netherlands
wasn't it?
“From which country is Hürriyet Newspaper getting its paper, and which country does the printing press bear the brand?” You, too. It is not for me to speak on behalf of Hürriyet, but… Newspapers other than the Official Gazette belong to “individuals”, they concern their bosses, they receive money from Canada, or from Norway. Moreover, did the newspaper bosses shut and sold Seka? TCDD, on the other hand, "state" on its name, is not the property of anyone's father, the money paid there is not collected from the street, it is the taxes of the nation. It is the duty of the state to follow up our taxes and to ask the account of the citizens.
My goal is, of course, not to offend, to underestimate efforts, even if imported ... With the vision of Mustafa Kemal, I would like high-speed trains to circulate even in the capillaries of my country.
Oh, you might say, why are you obsessed with the train?
Name is not necessary, with one of the American friends currently operating in Hatay, years ago sohbet we were… “Train passengers unconsciously reveal their ideological character while traveling in the wagon. If he prefers to sit in the direction of the train, he's revolutionary. It looks through the window, the landscape flows very fast, it is constantly new, constantly changing. If it is sitting against the direction of the train, it is conservative. He looks out of the window, the view flows quietly, and travels on the stomach ”…“ Well, which direction are you sitting? ”
I asked. He smiled and replied: "I will lay the tracks!"

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