YHTye Sincan Coup

13 March 2009 came from Ankara, where Prime Minister Erdogan came to ride and Eskişehir entrance to the seat of the high-speed train came to Eskişehir Eskişehir. Since then we have traveled 6 million 110 thousand people to date with YHT. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate According to the data, traveled YHT line between Ankara and Eskisehir 3 years 6 million people in Eskişehir-Ankara. Particularly due to rapid transportation and comfort, the first preference for YHT, the biggest blow to Ankara Sincan in Ankara struck studies. High-speed train was unable to enter into Ankara due to the work and had to stop in Sincan. High-speed train passengers going to Xinjiang currently transfer to Ankara from here. Meanwhile, the last 1 caused an extra hourly loss and the distress of the citizen was reflected in the last 2 monthly passenger figures. Citizens have changed the distress preferences waiting to go fast.
High-speed train passengers broke the record 15 June in Xinjiang started the bridge demolition and infrastructure work began to transfer the bus. 1,5 hours to enter the Xinjiang, 1 hours to Ankara to transfer the bus to the citizens of private vehicles directed. In June, 170 thousand passengers preferred YHT, but this figure declined to 142 in July. While still taking a look at the empty image in Eskişehir Gar, it was learned that the works in Sincan will be completed in 15 in August and will be grown on the festival. In the meantime, the ticket for the festive journey in these periods, while the lack of sufficient occupancy due to the work of Xinjiang also drew attention. YHT Sincan from the time of movement 1 hours before the Ankara Gar in front of the free bus service to Sincan. Passengers can also take advantage of free YHT tickets from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality which goes to Ulus, Kızılay and Batıkent.



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