To be used in the construction of YHT, closed quarry Permitting Reason

In order to be used in the construction of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which will start construction in Sakarya's Sapanca district, 40 was licensed for the quarry which was closed due to its proximity to the settlements. The decision caused the reaction of the citizens.
As part of the ongoing Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, the General Directorate of State Railways was licensed by the General Directorate of Mining Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for the opening of a quarry in the 40 hectare area in the quarry 9.92 which was closed in Yanik village years ago. After the development of the planned planned to open the quarry and the drinking water basin Sapanca Lake, indicating that the citizens would take action to cancel the license.
Taş The reason we are gathered here is the quarry they want to open in this greenery. We're here because we don't want to. 40 was open this year. The people of the village saw a lot of damage and now do not want to open again. We don't want this nature to disappear. As a result, our drink water, water basins here, moreover the settlement. For that reason, the people of the village and everyone who hears this place certainly does not want to open, O he said.
Stating that not a single crime has ever been committed by the village people that could harm the nature or the forest, Yanık Village Headman Sibel Baykal said: “This green, charming village you see was founded in 1864. People have tried to protect nature and have not committed a single crime that would harm nature or the forest. However, we heard that the crown quarry, which was closed 40 years ago because it was a settlement for people, is being reactivated within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train project. We were very sorry to hear this. As you can see, we have a water tank and water resources here. The orchards are located at zero to the quarry and the place you see below is completely residential. "
Explaining that the village people live on agriculture and fruit growing, Baykal said: “The forest behind us is the state protection forest. The establishment of a quarry in such a place shocked us. Our village has a population of 300 and a population of two thousand in the summer. We have more than 400 households. Where will we go, how will we live. We believe in this regard that the state will correct this mistake or that the mistake made will be reversed. "
Chamber of City Planners Sakarya Representative Oya Arapoglu stated that the quarry planned to be opened is protected by 1 / 100 thousand scale Sakarya province plan and later 1 / 25 thousand scale Sapanca Lake Conservation Development Plan.
Stating that they are in the region where the quarry was closed years ago but is now being re-opened, Arapoğlu gave the following words in his speech: “Since Sapanca Lake in this region is used as a drinking water basin, Sapanca Lake remains in the protected area in this region. And in the environmental plan of the province of Sakarya with a scale of 1/100 thousand and the conservation plan of Sapanca Lake with a scale of 1/25 thousand, these areas were gradually separated as protection areas. There is already a water reservoir that meets the drinking water of Yanık village and the stream feeding the lake passes from here. There is a stream spring just below us. As soon as the production starts in this quarry, it does not concern the people of Sapanca and Yanık village both for Sapanca Lake. It is an issue that concerns all Sakarya people as it will also pollute Sapanca Lake. "
A citizen who previously worked at the quarry said: çalış The gallery has to be excavated here for the supply of stone. At least 30 meter vertical, 20-30'ar meter will open the left arm and explode after the explosives are placed. Such a blasting breaks the windows of almost all the houses in our village. There are also Dibektaş neighborhoods on the upper side near us Yakın.
Sakarya TEMA Representative Assoc. Dr. Mahnaz Gümrükçüoğlu stated that it is absurd to think of opening a quarry in a place like Sapanca. Gümrükçüoğlu explained that if we think about Sapanca once in another place when it is said Sapanca, we should think 5 times when it comes to Sapanca, and continued as follows: “Because Sapanca is a very special place. First of all, it is a place that should be protected by drinking water basin and basin protection measures. Moreover, we have not been able to achieve this until today. Because normally you cannot do anything around drinking water basins in the first protection zone. Neither settlement nor agriculture nor anything else should be done anything. Such drinking water basins that can be used directly as drinking water are already few in the world. "
Stating that Sapanca is one of them, Gümrükçüoğlu completed his words as follows: “It is certain that there will be continuous blasting like a quarry in the region in question and the amount of dust will be excessive. You can't get the stone out of there without blasting. The dust generated as a result of this will harm both the lake and the people living there, and the nature there, namely the forest, other creatures and the soil. It is absurd to think about opening a quarry in a place like Sapanca. Then it will be said that no stones will be used, and no stones will be removed from anywhere. Of course, it can be bought from somewhere, but it is extremely wrong to plan to do this from the nearest point, disregarding the nature, disregarding the people there, despite the people living there, and granting a license for it in order to make it cheaper.

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