The native tram, Altepe would produce!

In the first construction, the main roads were excavated. Everyday life was adversely affected. Between Merinos-Altıparmak- Atatürk Street, the underground line and Merinos bridge-crossing could be done simultaneously. Because of monetary conditions and managerial preferences, this double thought could not be realized.
To witness a new method and construction process in the urban rail system ray Construction of the central tram line starts next week.
The groundbreaking ceremony will be held next to the Lunapark in Reşat Oyal KültürpARK. The operation and maintenance center of the project will be located in this area. The construction works of the line could be carried out at different points after the Ramadan. 10 monthly period is planned for construction.
The Chamber of Civil Engineers is opposing the Metropolitan Municipality for reasons of engineering and urban conditions, and plans to sue, like the nostalgic one.
Local elections are approaching. Can be taken back early. The rail system will mark the process. The construction of the new tram line may also stop due to possible litigation.
The central tram line is launched as “T 1, and covers Atatürk Street- İnönü Street- Uluyol- Kent Square- Çarşamba- Altıparmak- Atatürk Street.
in Bursa Durmazlar Can the local tram production of the company be ready for the procurement tender simultaneously with the establishment of the project? If he wins the tender, can he afford production? This, too, is being discussed.
Speaking of trams and wagons açılmış
We learned that the first tram wagon production in the automotive city of Bursa was once wanted to be done by the Mayor Recep Altepe.
Altepe'yle talking about the new turn on the rail system, opened the subject of his profession. He was a mechanical engineer, “I wanted to produce tramcars with my own business, special interest and experience. The automotive city is in Bursa, why not? In order to realize this dream, I took part in the minaret in 1994..
Stating that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has conveyed its thoughts and cooperation to Istanbul Ulasim AS and explained its direction, “The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ali Müfut Gürtuna did not take a warm look at such a project based in Bursa. My dream comes true during my mayor's office in Bursa and with a Bursa firm. ”
By the way…
The rails of the central tram line began to arrive. Due to the arrival of the first rails to a private port in Gemlik Bay, a mini ceremony or public announcement is on the agenda…

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