Underground impressions of underground

I felt like I was in the subway's newly washed car on the subway. I was afraid to eat bread. He could come out with a dustpan in his hand.
Ler Trains travel in the back of the world. No car ride can give you much idea about the train journey about a hometown. You look at our gardens, lofts and barracks. You see our underwear drying on the ropes. You look at our garden ornaments, celery, leeks, verandas and brick barbecues. If you want to see the dusty marble and granites fixed on the rails at the edge of the rails symbolize the place where our loved ones are the last stop, take the train in says Dimitri Verhulst in the Crappy of Things.
Indeed, trains show whatever he can proudly pose in front of mayors. Rusty overpasses, scented streams, evening markets, workers drinking beer on the grass. If you take the suburban train from Canım Haydarpaşa, for example, you will glide through the grass and green for a while. Then you see the interiors of the houses. Those who roast cigarettes for dinner in the kitchen or read a book under the dim light of an old lamp ... If you put your hand up, they are close enough to touch. Haydarpaşa itself and the stations where the train stops are also very beautiful. KadıköyWhile waiting for the train in Istanbul, being able to drink an ice cold beer at the historic tavern is symbolic at a station full of workers, then.
The day before, I said 'OK'. This is really over. The end of the days when we took the suburban train from Haydarpaşa. The subway was a bit of a place to take the train, but it was done to get it out. I don't know how many people got on the train from Haydarpaşa the previous evening. Because I went 'I'll take a look' I went underground.
The first thing I see: Tiles. Tiles up to the ceiling. This baby blue - water green - with white tile coverings Kadıköy - Kartal metro is like a giant toilet. Meanwhile, genuine toilets have not been opened yet. The attendant said that the toilets were not opened because the trash cans have not been taken yet. Probably, I do not know anymore, as it will bring those who come to 'Good luck'.
Each of the wagons is in a different color. A tick right across 'Madness'! 'Harmonious' colors such as pink - salmon, turquoise - blue are chosen. I guess it's harmony anyway Kadıköy - It is very important for Kartal metro. Attention is also drawn to the harmony of blue and dark blue, and pink and the band at the stops. The outputs were written with names that the public did not use in everyday language and were not used to. In Misal Göztepe, a person was asking the officers about the 'Auto Industry' exit. Auto Industry could not find it because they wrote 'E-5 Exit in Kartal Direction'. Again, at the exit of Libadiye, two old women were walking down the stairs saying "It was wrong again". Two people in Bostancı said, "Let's try this exit, after all, there are escalators." The attendants were very sweet. Because it was the first day, I think they were extremely helpful and kind. Hopefully it continues like this ...
On the steering boards Arial was used for the character of 'Fethi beys', 'goods loaded to the ship' and 'supply'. Helvetica in New York, London Underground, designed by Edward Johnston for the London subway only, Transit in Berlin, MOL designed by Gerard Unger in Amsterdam, Metrolis in Lisbon, Métropolitain in Paris, with that city's subway Identified fonts are in use. In fact, Underground is known as the 'first public character', not 'internal correspondence'.
Metro is somehow gloomy. Hundreds of meters below the ground, it is disturbing to make journeys lasting minutes with expressions that have no doubt of the people we do not know and the jackets that have the smell of roast. But it also gives inspiration.
Do not forget Haydarpaşa
Inside the metro says a lot about the city. You can ride some with your beer, your dog and your anger, and criticize the government's war policies. Nobody will bother or look and take his head off his book. Some of you ride quite easily. There is not even a turnstile system. He sleeps very well in the subway and cries. They are the right places to suffer, regret and be filled with grief. It is a bike, child, animal friendly place where tired workers fall to the side, students stretch their legs to the corridor. Must be. It is a place with graffiti and advertisements on its walls. It is civilians. Made for the people with the money of the people. There is no air in our subway, there will never be. I felt uneasy as I got into the car that the Prime Minister had just washed. I was afraid to eat between bread. Because if the crumb was spilled, the Prime Minister could get out of a corner at any time with a broom and dustpan. On the inside screens, for now, a movie that is specially prepared for the subway showing Istanbul skyline, Mevlevi dervishes, meadow, and cloud is turning. There are places under renovation. Unplastered, unpainted tunnels ... As such, they are more beautiful without tiles and baby blue paint. Good luck to the subway workers, students, travelers. But let's not forget Haydarpaşa. The suburban train is also from Kartal Kadıköygoes to 32 minutes. There is also ice cold beer at the exit. And a hundred years of law, of course ...

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