With its new transportation solutions, Istanbul is no longer a city.

Transportation is one of the most fundamental problems in Istanbul… No one comes to Istanbul and does not worry about traffic.
Istanbul is a late city.
Regardless of the development plan, earthquake-resistant buildings, wide streets, pavements, green, metro, healthy environment, the infrastructure that does not cause problems, you will see that it is late in this city.
However, the construction date of Tünel, the pioneer of public transportation and subway, was 1876. So the subway started in this land on the same date as London ... But unfortunately not a single nail has been hammered in more than 100 years. Finally, the first foundation was laid in the Sözen period in 1992, and it reached 44 kilometers during the Erdogan period.
In the last 10 year of Kadir Topbas, the metro line has increased by 128 to 102. It is being closed with a century-old open speed.
Yesterday we witnessed an important move of this effort. The Anatolian side where I spent my youth got the metro. It is really exciting that the subway, which was opened by Prime Minister Erdogan, is serving.
Before the ceremony, I called Faruk Yanardağ, the press advisor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and said that I wanted to take the metro from Kartal at an early hour.
It was 10.30 when I went to Kartal. I climbed the escalators, passed the turnstiles, and reached the control center. I got some information from Station Supervisor Habip Şayak about the control center where everything is monitored.
New York, London and Paris subway are not here. A simpler, more bright and modern metro. He's using a mechanic for now, but after a while he's gonna be completely centralized. I'm riding the metro for the first time and alone.
After Kartal, Maltepe, Küçükyalı, Bostancı, we quickly went to Göztepe, Ünalan and then KadıköyWe reach. I'm testing it personally and in 32 minutes KadıköyI am reaching.
Where to go, where to go is shown by arrows. KadıköyI head towards the pier exit at. At that moment, I cannot calculate exactly where the starting point is and when I exit Kadıköy I am astonished when I see the pier. "Is it that close?" I think. Get on the ferry and cross the street ...
The following slogan of Istanbul Metropolitan, which takes place on the electronic screens and televisions in the metro, summarizes the point reached:
"Another dream has come true ... Everything is for Istanbul ..."
Istanbul is changing, and fast ...
Taksim-Hacı Osman, Sirkeci-Yeşilköy, now Kartal-Kadıköy Metro changes the life and habits of Istanbul residents.
In Prime Minister Erdogan's words, we have not yet fully adapted, but as public transport is used, not only individuals, but also the country's economy. kazanwill ache.
It is exciting that the Anatolian side gets its share of this change, albeit late.
Everyone who experiences the excitement of the subway is experiencing this excitement. One Kadıköylü says:
“When we got together, we used to say that Istanbul would no longer be lived. Now, seeing these things, I say that Istanbul is now a livable city. "
"We finished before its time"
The construction process of the subway is also exciting. At the opening ceremony, I talked to Adnan Çebi, the Chairman of the Board of Makyol Construction, one of the companies that make the subway. He said:
“One of our exciting projects as a production company… One million people will be transported every day. We worked very fast and intensely. And we finished and delivered a big project at this level ahead of time. This despite the crisis in the world is showing a point where Turkey.

Source : I www.samanyoluhaber.co

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