Continuing Works for Accessible Ankaray

The work that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aims to increase the social living standards of disabled citizens and started with the slogan 'Capital without Barriers' continues.
Reconsidering the capital Ankara for disabled citizens, the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban Aesthetics works for the disabled everywhere, from sidewalks to pedestrian underpasses, from metro-Ankaray stations to recreation areas and the Metropolitan Municipality Building. Continuously working with separate teams day and night, the teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics will carry out 150 kilometers of tangible surface (safe road) work on the capital's sidewalks. Within the scope of the works, the teams, which also built 700 separate pavement ramps, carry out all kinds of activities to make the lives of disabled citizens in the common areas in the capital easier.
Noting that they first identified the deficiencies in all four parts of the capital and then started to work feverishly, the officials said, "The importance given to the disabled, which the Metropolitan Municipality has never left alone and is an example to the whole world with its services, now shows itself all over Ankara. . Noting that people with disabilities have rights as much as the opportunities offered to citizens of all ages and statuses, the officials said, "Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed dozens of separate works for disabled citizens to hold on to life more tightly, socialize and know that they deserve the best of everything, organizes Ankara for the disabled." he spoke.
Noting that every inch of Ankara is at the service of the disabled, the officials said, “In order to facilitate the access of our visually impaired citizens from one place to another, we carry out approximately 150 kilometers of perceivable surface work on various streets and boulevards in the city. The definition of this study for our disabled citizens is 'Safe Way'. The project includes subway stations, Ankaray stations, AŞTİ and various streets and boulevards, ”they said. Officials of Urban Aesthetics, who noted that within the scope of the works that have already turned the capital's pavements to yellow, firstly 3 separate teams are involved in determining the routes, and then cleaning, gluing and final control works are carried out on the determined routes at night, in order not to aggrieve the people of the Capital. It is carried out meticulously under the supervision of the General Directorate of Disabled and Elderly People and in accordance with the relevant standards of Turkey. " said.
Officials who noted that the Metropolitan Municipality always prioritizes special service, while creating a safe road for disabled citizens, they also remove or move barriers that restrict movement such as kiosks, mushrooms, ticket sales points, advertising signs and the like in the city sidewalks. He stated that it has offered a smooth, unimpeded and enjoyable capital tour for the disabled. The Metropolitan Municipality, which paves the municipal building, AŞTİ, Youth Park Cultural Centers, theater hall and Youth Centers with a safe road, also provides easy access to the places they will go, thanks to the embossed maps that can be used by all the citizens of the Capital. Noting that there are embossed panels that can be felt in places such as toilets, platforms, the left-luggage section, police, police and information, the officials stated that there are assistant help points at the entrance of the building, especially the municipality building, so that helpers are allocated to accompany disabled citizens from entry to exit. told.

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 13:31

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