Two friends who wanted to take the tram free of charge in Eskişehir were fined 7 Turkish lira each.

In Eskisehir, the insistence of two friends getting on the tram free of charge exploded. He was fined 1 thousand 60 lira for 'damaging the public property' by two court courts, who wanted to travel without paying the money for 7 lira 300 kurus ticket and who broke the windows of the tram by arguing with the vat. The defendants contested the decision and applied to the Supreme Court.
In the incident that occurred on the night of August 14, 2011, allegedly, K.Ö. (29), E.Ö. (25) and OT (17) wanted to get on the tram at the Alanönü tram stop on Cumhuriyet Street in Kurtuluş Mahallesi, without a ticket. The suspects first argued with the vatman when the vat opposed it. He then escaped from the scene by breaking the right front and left front vents of the tram with a hard object.
The tram driver YB then reported the incident to the police. The teams of the Public Security Branch Gasp and the Murder Bureau, which started working on the incident, identified the suspects by examining the images of the cameras on the roads leading to the tram and bus stations. Police, K.Ö., E.Ö. has determined to be OT. Police caught 3 people in Alanönü Mahallesi Maide Bolel Huzurevi Caddesi. After their statements in the police, OT was released from the suspects, while the other suspects were K.Ö. and E.Ö. He was sent to the courthouse. While the two suspects were released pending trial by the court, they were sued for 'damaging public property'.
6. The defendants appearing before the judge in the First Instance Court did not accept the charges. E.Ö., one of the defendants, claimed that they wanted to get on the tram and go home, but they could not buy tickets due to the late hour. E.Ö. “We went to the tram location to explain the situation. Our friend OT. Went through the turnstile and went to the place where the vat was located. There were arguing inside. We did not understand this because no sound was heard outside. Later, the small ventilation glass of the place where the watt was located was broken. But I do not know how this is broken. I am not guilty and I want my acquittal. ” said.
In the accused K.Ö., they stated that they were alcoholic during the incident and that OT jumped from the turnstile and got on the tram. Expressing that he wanted the OT to come down, he said: “They started to argue with Vatman. I removed our friend OT from the tram so that the incident did not grow. The Vatman shouted at us from inside and continued to make hand movements. Meanwhile, the small ventilation window of the front cabin part of the tram was broken. I didn't hit the glass, I'm not guilty and I want my acquittal. ”
Listening to the parties for the last time, the court then announced its decision. Court committee defendants K.Ö. and E.Ö. to be sentenced to 1 year in prison for 'damaging public property'. Then, the court converted this fine to 7 thousand 300 lira each. Defendants will be able to pay the fine in 24 equal installments. 2 defendants appealed to the Supreme Court by appealing against the court's decision.

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