While TÜVASAŞ is experiencing its golden age, TÜVASAŞ and its employees are trying to

While TÜVASAŞ was in its golden age, unfortunately, it has become the custom for people who are fond of factory complexes to throw mud at this gigantic and distinguished institution of Sakarya.
Especially after those who work in the factory and the managers of some opposition parties retire, there are no lies and mud that they want to stick to TÜVASAŞ (one with a tailed star).
One thousand thousand money of the slander İ
These people who grumble ate do not say "they have a dignity in their lies" ...
They keep shaking…
These gentlemen were in the period when they were in power, but no negativity was heard Bu
If you do not have TÜVASAŞ ars
Whenever TÜVASAŞ starts to attack in production volume, it is up to anyone to pursue all kinds of intrigue to interrupt the contract.
I'm going to give up this af
Particularly in the CHP organization, the managers of the group and the neighborhoods of the neighborhood do not know about the unfortunate explanations made by the investigation of the group now has brought Özellikle
As far as I know, the only representative of a party in the provinces is the provincial president Bil
The provincial chairman of the CHP speaks and I understand him.
Because the only representative of the CHP in the province and the person with the authority to speak.
So what happens to the others P
Doesn't this party have a party discipline?
Does he have a mouth in this party?
How will the integrity be achieved in a party that says "black to what the provincial president says, black to what he says"
I don't know and don't ask ad
CHP Provincial Chairman Ecevit Keles I wonder about the party gave each manager the freedom to speak?
Where did this speech give you freedom of speech?
If the provincial president has not given such freedom of speech, who do they speak on behalf of those who do not know who they are receiving from this power?
Or is the goodwill of the Provincial President Keleş being abused?
Is this a messy management approach?
Ecevit Keles, CHP provincial chairman, should clarify this issue.
Not to give reason vermek
Because women's arms separate from the wire, I do not know what the district board of the different tone of voice, I do not know what the neighborhood of the group representative to be aware of what they say, to make public statements on any subject to the public CHP organization in front of the nation will put a challenge.
The organization proceeds if it acts as a whole at
A party of sound coming out of each head starts to fall quickly, leaving an millimeter to go forward Her
Did I ever tell you about it? Bil
Just the other day I wrote that I am not a CHP member from this column and everybody knows about the political identities of all journalists in this city…
Besides, every journalist has a political view Kal
I did not defend the statements of CHP provincial chairman Ecevit Keleş.
I touched upon the injustices done to Ecevit Keleş in the party ...
I'm telling you again Bir
CHP provincial chairman within the party against him injustices against the hak
Or he knows very well that he is not in the same political line.
I'm a columnist.
I also think that I have the right to comment on this topic from the corner where I work on behalf of the public Kamu
Stay healthy ...

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