Türkali village train station, renovation works in progress

Türkali village railway station in Zonguldak Center is undergoing renovation works.
In Türkali village train station, some damaged places are demolished and repaired. Due to cracks occurring in the station, soil is taken and reconstructed. TCDD Map and Measurement Works field chief Coşkun Ünal stated that the entire wall manufacturing is from the foundation up to the platform renewal, and then the renovation of the damaged rails on the train track. Unal; “At the station here, we are doing the renovation of the train tracks for rehabilitation and signaling operations. Due to the weakness of the wall here, a new one is being made. All of the wall manufacturing has the platform renewal from the foundation to the top, and then the renovation of the damaged rails on the train track. Our work continues rapidly. The wall will be renewed in the platform, and we will completely defeat the wall. There will be a way out to the station for the disabled. We will continue by doing this kind of work in the parts that are damaged in the designated stations. ” said. Sinan Boğan, who looks at the Occupational Health and Safety, stated that the workers here are working without accidents and without harming the environment. The bull; ”Rehabilitation works of the station and the railway continue here. I as occupational health and safety, Turkey also experienced work-related accidents, injuries, studies mutilation of our employees in order to prevent them qualified to be completely occupational health and safety instructions and rules appropriately job done, one to injury, accident impermeability, minimum losses without harming the environment this we are trying to do the job. We will try to bring these structures to the region under the name of Yapi Center. We are trying to do this work by working with skilled personnel. ”
Station renovation work in the village of Türkali continued.

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