Somersault vehicle, the Metrobus entered the path!

BAKIRKÖY E-5 On the highway, the airport went to the airport where a Norwegian family was found. 1 injured in the accident.
Accident, E-5 Highway Incirli location, in the direction of Edirne clock 05.00 ranks occurred. According to eyewitnesses, the minibus with the 34 VK 7417 license plate under the direction of Norwegian Ansari Tara suddenly changed lanes. In the meantime, quickly coming from behind, under the direction of Hasan Erkılıç 34 ZP 1466 plate car, 7 personality of the Norwegian tourist family, the van hit the back. The impact of the impact of the control of the vehicle under the direction of Erkılıç, somehow metrobüs entered the path. Erkılıç wounded in the accident, health teams from the scene after the first intervention in the Sadi Konuk State Hospital was removed. In the middle of the Metrobus road, the turned vehicle was pushed to the edge of the BRT road by turning an 10 near the BRT. Transitions of the metrobuses were carried out in a controlled manner, and the crashed vehicle was pulled into the car park with the hammer.
Norwegian family in the minibus, 08.00'da departed to fly the police wanted to catch up with the aircraft. The Norwegians were taken to the police station for their testimony. A citizen who saw the moment of the accident on the road, metrobüste, the van suddenly changed the lane, and in the meantime claimed that the vehicle from behind.


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