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Transportation is the lifeblood of modern life Ulaşım

Modern transportation depends on being able to offer fast, comfortable and affordable travel in and out of the city.
The steps of Bursa in recent years started to reach to the dimensions that suit the city in this sense.
While highway support is based on the door, sea buses on one side and rail systems on the other hand bring Bursa together with modern transportation Ot
However, we have a big transport system in terms of its small brand urban image within this transportation network!
Cable car…
And the fact that the cable car is a high-value-added symbol in the economic and social sense is beyond transportation to Bursa.
A few days ago I had the opportunity to see the potential of how much the city would gain if it was invested.
On the second day of the feast, we chose the cable car for the Uludağ tour and chose the cable car.
2 hours in the over-dense queue and then happy last UM Another pleasure from the ropeway!
And thanks to this pleasure the native stranger has an incredible demand on the ropeway. Of course, Uludağ…
However, the existing systems and stations are also behind the demands of the technical service quality!
Thanks to my experience, I have seen more clearly how important the new ropeway system of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is.
Bursa has a very special function in the sense of being a tourism center.
But we will not be able to show up with a system whose life is overdue, both visually and technically. Obviously, a modern cable car line and touristic facilities integrated into the line are on Bursa's priority needs list!

This investment is vital

It can be said that ihtiyaç is the money spent on a new ropeway when the city needs other needs? Dene.
Spent! It should be spent ...
Because the current line can't afford. However, there is a very high demand. Birlikte For example, the people of Bursa have waited with the people of different nationalities.
While the Arabs were attacking, it was possible to see the mountain air, the whole of the Far East and the rest of Europe during the cable car!
Moreover, these people were willing to wait for hours.
And the one who completed his tour dreamed of riding again sohbetbetween the s.
So the new cable car investment means a high gain in material spiritual Bursa! Of course, the new and modern facility to be done in accordance with the standards is important.

Language is a must

The importance of language-speaking staff is obvious.
At least I must say that security guards, who know at least Arabic and do their job well, are in need even now!
For example, I have witnessed the mastery of some of our Arab brothers who are unable to absorb waiting in the queue. Many times!
As a result, the lack of security personnel to remind and enforce the rules can create problems.

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