Rails of the Train Rails

Three people who stole the connection screws of the 700 meters long train tracks in İshakçelebi town of Saruhanlı district of Manisa, were caught following the pursuit of the gendarmerie.
According to information obtained, the gendarmerie teams in the region, the night before the 21.00 on the train on the way of suspicion of the people who took the follow-up. When he noticed the gendarmerie 3 suspects began to flee on foot, with the help of the people of the town was caught in the village. At the scene of the incident, the suspects were found to remove the screws in the 700 meter-long train line and put them in the sack, and the total weight was found to be one thousand 500 kilograms. Captured by NH, T.Ö. and A.İ., were referred to the judicial authorities after their interrogations.
In the statement made by the Manisa Provincial Gendarmerie Command, it was stated, "It is respected to the public that effective measures have been put in place within the scope of theft and that the multi-faceted efforts initiated in order to protect the security and order and to increase the peace and trust of our people will be carried out with respect to the public."

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