Governor of Trabzon Recep Kızılcık began feasibility studies for logistics center

In Germany, the head of the delegation that conducts examinations in logistics centers. Recep Cranberry spoke hopeful. . After the experience we have seen in Germany, we have to build a logistics center with the sea fill, and we have to start it. We are also preparing the feasibility report. After the completion of the selection of the location will be clear, Tamam he said.
Governor of Trabzon Recep Cranberry, Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, TTSO President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, DOKA Secretary-General Cetin Oktay Pavillion and the delegation formed together with the delegation of the logistics center in Germany after examining the examples is not possible to admire.
Although the city is not a seaside, it is a harbor city for centuries. Deniz Hamburg is not a seaside city. On the river, 100 km is inside, but it is one of the biggest ports in Europe at the moment. N
Kızılcık, the governor of Hamburg and Bremen in Germany in the sense that a great system was established in this sense, said: ın The important thing here is to use the time well. They are committed to providing you with all the services you can think of with your goods. In this sense, today's young people should be trained very well in this direction eler. Governor Cranberry said:
If you say, what is the port of Hamburg Port? All of these goods are for Germany, no, all over Europe and are distributed by road and rail. Plus, they take the goods by road and railroad to taa Moscow. If Turkey has firmly established a logistics center in the Black Sea or in Thrace, though the Black Sea Logistics Center has firmly established a logistics center, though that will come sooner than goods from China. (As it is known in Turkey also it Germany we learned on this occasion, unfortunately, they are making their brands Most of the production we know in China) until Moscow with Trabzon Logistics Center ingenuity we have the chance to take a much cheaper cost as much as the entire Caucasus. Likewise, when you set up in Thrace, it will be a very serious advantage to the interior of Europe and add an incredible added value to the country. Logistics Centers are not only warehouses that are transported and stored, but also the very important centers where the service sector and production are supported. We saw this example in Hamburg. A very successful Turkish company is delivering goods up to Moscow in an area of ​​25 bin m2. Çok
Kızılcık, the governor of the company, during their meeting with the company, size Come to Trabzon, when we say that we install this system, 'I can not come myself, but I give you this assurance, I will train all your staff here. You just install the logistics center 'they said. I also stated that I will host them in Trabzon, Ben he said.
Cranberry, the city of Hamburg has a very high commercial potential, underlining, "After seeing Hamburg, 'want to trade in Hamburg for a few months we need to live," we thought. There is a new place in the same area, it fits one by one. Just change a few details and apply it, this is the only thing to do. So there is no reason not to have. Yani
The Governor Kızılcık continued his speech said: görün It is impossible not to regret the reason why we did not see all that system. In Germany, Turks are regarded as promising individuals and not as donors. We had this impression in our visits in Germany. After this experience, we have to build a logistics center with the sea fill and we have to start it. In our meeting on Logistics Center in Trabzon in recent days, 'Logistics Center will address in the world?' in the form of a map and told. Within the scope of the program in Germany, when they confronted us with the Say map showing the main target den, we shared with our TTSO President Mr. Suat Hacısalihoğlu saying Almanya I know this map from one place Almanya. "
Governor Cranberry, emphasizing the determination of what is important for the logistics center to be established in Trabzon, said: önemli Experiences were seen on the spot. For us, this or here, the location is not clear. But we took action to establish this as soon as possible. We're making an analysis report right now. We are building a resource from DOKA. The report will be presented to the Prime Minister. Determining how to do this is the most important detail. Alternatives are always available. The important thing is to decide how to do logistics in this matter. Once this is done, solutions can be produced about the place. After the completion of the feasibility report, the location selection will become clearer. F

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