Tram does not work at night revolted Konyali

Trams coming to the agenda every day with a new fault, missing or hitches are not working at night. Due to the maintenance work on the tramway, there are tram services from 23.30 to the morning. Although it is criticized, the tramways, which have a considerable burden on public transportation, do not work in the Ramadan month, even if they do not work at night.
Ramazan citizens who do not go out in the day due to Ramadan, the evening after opening the evening fast, makes the needs, meets the social and cultural activities are participating. Those who do not have their own private vehicles prefer public transportation such as buses, minibuses and trams. Citizens residing in different parts of the city flock to the city center after opening the iftar and making the tarawih prayer. Shopping and citizens who meet the needs, attend the activities held at Fair Culture Park. Until midnight in Konya, there is a very uncommon crowd, while the hours after the 23.00 's home rush begins.
Tram passengers on the tram, trams do not work since midnight. On the one hand, various activities are carried out at the Culture Park, on the other hand, people participating in these activities are prevented transportation Ali Kaya, a citizen, isim Konya Metropolitan Municipality, due to the decision to work before the 23.30 tramway service due to the bus service is trying to provide. An announcement was posted at some stops on A4 paper. When the watches show the 23.30, the old-fashioned bellows bus in the trams, which will never be much of a trolley, appears at the stop. Buses that run in parallel to the tram stops allow passengers to be alerted to the call by some drivers to call waiting at the stop. Of course this is at the mercy of the drivers. At many stops people have to wait for hours with their children because they don't understand what's going on. Birçok
People living in Konya, trams or modernized by renewing the air conditioner waiting for it, in turn, they said they are also from the tram, Ali Kaya, lar One of the people, especially in the way of Istanbul, such as traffic flowing through a stop on the road to stop in front of the stations are inviting accidents. Maintenance work on trams or lines is of course necessary, but wouldn't it be more appropriate for these studies to start at less dense hours? Culture Park in the evening when the people at the end of these programs, how to reach their homes should be planned. Citizens were still victims ad.

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