Foundation of Sculpture - Garage tram in Bursa was laid, tradesmen and citizens will not be harmed in the works

The foundation of the 6,5-kilometer Sculpture - Garage (t1) Tram Line construction to be built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was laid with a ceremony.
Speaking at the ceremony held at the parking lot next to Kültürpark Lunapark, the contractor company representative said, “We will not harm citizens and tradesmen during construction as much as possible.” said. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they realized the dream of Bursa for 100 years. Altepe said, “We are trying to survive Bursa. Preventing them does not benefit anyone. It is a shame to try to prevent this. True Bursalı supports the project, there is no shackle. We are bringing the age-old longing to life. ” he spoke.
Deputy İsmet Su, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, district mayors and many guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the tram line. Speaking at the ceremony, the Metropolitan Mayor Altepe stated that they are determined to do whatever is being done in modern countries around the world in order to solve the urban transportation problem. Altepe said: “We are not making a new invention here. We looked at examples from around the world. We bring tried systems to our city. We have obtained the necessary legal permissions from the Board of Monuments and other relevant institutions. We will finish the domestic line before the feast. After the holiday, we will start construction on Altıparmak Avenue. As the contractor's representative said, we will work carefully to avoid harming tradesmen and citizens during construction. We make our transportation investments for our city people. It would not be nice to prevent this. ”
Reminding that they signed a contract with the Spanish company Comsa SA, which won the tender for 6,5 kilometers of Sculpture - Garage Tram Line in total, President Altepe said that they excluded rails and some technical materials and placed orders beforehand to save time. Underlining that the 19-kilometer-long rails from Poland reached Bursa afterwards, Altepe continued: “We have taken all necessary measures to complete the project to be completed in the shortest part of the city in terms of transportation. Therefore, in order to save time, we had previously ordered the rails that we excluded from the tender. Now our tracks have arrived. The scissors will come in a few days, too. Our goal is to complete the line in less than 17 months and open it for transportation. However, we will not do any work on the main streets where the line will pass until Ramadan Feast. We will evaluate this period with construction site and technical studies.

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