TCDD monopoly law is expected to enter into force by the end of the year

The countdown has begun for the private sector to perform train operations. The law that will abolish the monopoly of the TCDD is on the agenda at the end of the year.
The fact that the state monopoly will be lifted in railway transportation has mobilized international giant companies. Deutsche Bahn, Rail Cargo Companies such as in Turkey is planning to move its own locomotives and wagons. The Greenbrier Companies is an American company wants to produce a thousand cars annually by establishing a factory in Turkey
The countdown has begun for the monopoly of railway transportation and for the private sector to run a train. The TCDD monopoly remains official in the government's 2012 program. The law is scheduled to be issued by the end of the year. The law has not yet entered into force, but the private sector has already started to prepare for investment. Many logistics companies preparing to enter the railway, the world giant international companies are also rolled up sleeves to make rail investment in Turkey. Part of preparing to freight transport in some of the international companies in Turkey is preparing to build a factory in Turkey for production of wagons and locomotives.

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