TCDD is rapidly running for the modern transportation service of tourism

TCDD started modernization with education. First, a modern railway transportation training center was opened. Then, TCDD was kept in a perfect way with its experts by maintaining its modern contemporary presence in every field.
It carried the services provided by the Association of Railway Transportation to a new contemporary modern space. The workplace environment will provide training for all kinds of working efficiency and the training center will make employees laugh. From now on, the rate of intensive participation in the sector will grow even more and there will be no TCDD employees who are not certified and cannot be hired.
DTD Chairman Ibrahim Oz and TCDD 1. Hasan Gedikli, Regional Director, cut the ribbon of the new center and answered the questions about the education.
According to the qualifications of the training to be given at least 3 month and 1 year can take up to summarize. By supporting the inin Lifelong Learning abil by the Rail Transport Association Training and Activity Center; they said they would open the way. İbrahim Öz emphasized the importance of ön railway is our future İbrah.
TCDD 1. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli and DTD Board Chairman İbrahim Öz; "Railway infrastructure and operations in Turkey as it is known, is made as -tekel- by TCDD, which is a government agency. Apart from the in-house trainings of TCDD, train- ing for rail transport is not provided in secondary and higher education institutions and special education institutions.
As the Railway Transportation Association, we have been conducting training programs for the railway sector for the last five years, since it is not a physical education unit of our association. In order to realize our trainings in a more organized and institutional structure on an increasing demand, we have created an Education and Event Center under the DTD kurumsal.
DTD Chairman Ibrahim Oz and TCDD 1. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli's TCDD 1. Deputy Regional Director Nihat Aslan, members of the DTD Board of Directors, members of the DTD, representatives of NGOs.

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